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Event Recap: Discussing Cloud Enablement Best Practices in Burlington, MA

February 20, 2020 by Dean Holmes

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Last night, we hosted a dinner in Burlington, Massachusetts for a small group of local attendees. The food was great and the discussion was lively — centering around migration from legacy systems like traditional PBXs to cloud communications. Attendees were able to hear from real Fuze customers about their experiences moving their business communications to the cloud, and how it’s simplified their business’ bottom line. 


A central topic of conversation throughout the night was analyst firm Frost & Sullivan’s newest report, “Adopt Cloud Communications Services Now or Be Left Behind”. The report focuses on how organizations today know that it’s not a matter of if they move their communications to the cloud, but when. However, in order to invest in future-proofing their business and truly impacting their bottom line, the time to do that is now. 


Although our conversation centered mostly around UCaaS, it was quickly apparent that all of the attendees were focused on moving many aspects of their organization to the cloud, with everyone indicating that they had at least one ongoing cloud migration. And while technical readiness was an important part of our discussions, the conversations around people readiness seemed more important, with the need for a strong partner to engage in lifecycle management as an imperative for ongoing success. The consensus seemed to be that digital transformation encompasses more than the right technology solution. Understanding the changing user dynamics and demographics, and how that affects your organization and your processes, is paramount to ensure wide user adoption and engagement. 


Here are four major takeaways from the report: 

1. The move to cloud unified communications is now a requirement to stay competitive. 

In today’s business landscape, if you haven’t already implemented cloud unified communications you are now behind the curve. As innovation continues to thrive across all industries, organizations are adopting Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) to replace their outdated legacy on-premises systems. Decision makers have become increasingly aware that moving to the cloud is the future of business, and are doing so because of increased predictability around costs, greater access to advanced functionality, and the desire to outsource complexities of ownership to an expert provider.

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2. Understanding adoption and usage challenges is paramount to achieving ROI. 

While making the decision to move to cloud-based unified communications is key for decision makers, it’s also critical that they have a plan around company-wide adoption and working through any challenges that might arise. For example, while 57% of respondents said they use huddle room video conferencing every day, it’s important to think about how your conference rooms operate with the cloud and the UCaaS provider you selected. To ensure a seamless meeting experience, huddle rooms need to be properly outfitted with unified communications technology you select.  

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3. Future-proofing your cloud communications investment is critical. 

Cloud communications services are continuously evolving to meet changes in business, employee, and customer demands. The leading cloud-based unified communications providers integrate calling, meeting, chat, and data applications as well as considerations about employees and processes. To ensure that the solution you choose will withstand the evolving needs of the business, Frost & Sullivan says it should include a holistic portfolio (voice, conferencing, mobility, chat, presence management, team messaging, contact center, reporting, etc), consistent user experience, scalability, and a variety of APIs and integrations with popular enterprise software. 

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4. Prioritizing lifecycle services in your cloud communications investment is key. 

Ultimately, when deciding to invest in a cloud unified communications solution, you should be seeking a provider that proves they invest in long-standing partnerships with their customers — ones that provide valuable input and even opportunities to co-create business and product roadmaps. Long-term success with your cloud communications solution requires alignment with a provider that offers implementation, adoption, success, and analysis services. 

Frost and sullivan enablement lifecycle

Ultimately, Frost & Sullivan advises that key decision makers should 1) think long-term about your potential UCaaS provider, 2) choose a solution with the functionality, scalability, and footprint your business requires, and 3) select a provider with a strong lifecycle services portfolio. 


To learn more, you can download the full report here

Dean Holmes
Dean Holmes

Dean is the Director of Product Marketing at Fuze. 

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