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Event Recap: Fuze's 2021 Hackathon

April 30, 2021 by Aaron Evans

Cloud of ideas and engineers

Last week, we held our Fuze 2021 Hackathon, a 48-hour virtual event where employees worked in teams to unleash their creativity and bring new ideas to life. At Fuze, we’re always looking for ways to foster innovation and bring our teams together – especially while we remain fully remote. Since the onset of the pandemic, we’ve made it a top priority to maintain a sense of community and create company connections, and this event served as a great reminder of the passion our employees have for the industry and professional growth.


Throughout the Hackathon, employees from across the engineering, product & design, support, professional services, and IT departments came together to develop innovative solutions that can be applied to the Fuze platform and patent portfolio. The two days were filled with team collaboration and social engagement – bringing our employees together even though we remain physically apart.


During the second day, we had the pleasure of hosting Kemal El Moujahid, Director of Product Management for TensorFlow at Google, as the keynote speaker. Throughout his presentation, Kemal addressed the potential of AI and machine learning and how these technologies are changing the way we adapt and engage with new communication tools – further inspiring our Fuzers’ product development process.


Here is a snapshot of the innovations that came out of the Hackathon:


Team Pingo Doce: Fuze adds new time management capabilities In order to maximize productivity and collaboration while moving from one task to another and limiting distractions, this innovation embeds the calendar view into the Fuze ecosystem through a Google Calendar integration – allowing for seamless integration when looking to schedule a quick call, meeting, or chat and ensuring that all team members stay engaged throughout the conversation.


Team Mavericks: Fuze enables two factor identification With security threats remaining a top concern with remote and hybrid teams, this innovation implements a two-factor authentication for Fuze’s platform, which leverages the Fuze Hub to enable or disable for any given user and provides an additional layer of network security.


Team Droids: Fuze enhances chat capabilities In effort to find fun and creative ways to interact during meetings and calls while streamlining efficiencies, this innovation creates four unique chat enhancements – chat translations, Giphy integration, chat and to-do list reminders, and a swipe to reply option.


We’re so proud of the ideas that Fuzers developed during this year’s Hackathon and for their continued commitment to our company values, innovation, research and development. Whether we’re in the office together, or operating under a remote work model, our team is always looking for ways to inspire and bring the global workforce into the future of workplace communications.


Congratulations to our 2021 Fuze Hackathon participants and winners: The Most Useful, Pingo Doce, The Funniest, Fuze@Home, and The Most Innovative, Pingo Doce.

Aaron Evans
Aaron Evans

Aaron is the Senior Vice President of Engineering at Fuze. 

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