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Event Recap: Fuze's FLEX Summit Week 2021 Continues the Conversation on the Future of Flexible Work

June 21, 2021 by Lisa Hurd Walker

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Our Flex Summit Week 2021 officially wrapped last week and was a huge success! Throughout the week, we discussed the trends that are impacting the global workforce – from flexible working models, to the power of technology, and the need for office re-designs for the hybrid worker.


If you weren’t able to listen to last week’s sessions, here are some of the key takeaways from each day.

Fuze reveals survey results from our latest global research on flexible working.

I joined Alex Campanelli to kick off day one by sharing an overview of Fuze’s Flex Survey results, which highlighted three main workplace trends that emerged from the pandemic: Employees are more trusting of leadership but there is still room to grow, flexible work should be a standard practice, and companies should prioritize productivity and engagement when developing long term flexible work models. Check out next week’s post, where I’ll dive deeper into the survey findings and what it means for companies looking to stay ahead of return-to-office trends.

Guest speaker David Johnson, Principal Analyst at Forrester, shared what the pandemic taught us about employee engagement.


Day two featured a deeper conversation around how to create a sustainable and engaging remote company culture, something leaders have struggled to foster over the last year. We know that organizations needed to be more agile during the pandemic and offer flexibility, but looking ahead, employers must embrace the new norms that emerged from the pandemic and continue to provide flexible work arrangements to attract top talent.

The future of AI and the progress in robotics.


Kate Darling, Communications and Special Projects Member Management at MIT Media Lab, joined us on day three to discuss the development of robotics and the potential impact they can have on the corporate world. With robotics sparking various emotions from people across demographics and generations, businesses and employees must begin to focus on how the role empathy plays in navigating advanced technology integration.

How to design the perfect office for the hybrid workforce.

We sat down with two industry experts, Meredith Zenkel, VP of Marketing & Communications at Poppin, and Sam Aquillano, Founder and Executive Director at Design Museum Everywhere, to discuss what they have learned about redesigning office space for optimal collaboration as organizations transition into a hybrid work model.


It’s likely that we’ll see a new role emerge, such as a workplace facilitator and designer, to ensure work streams are functioning efficiently and to help remove any friction that can be caused by the move to hybrid work. These roles will aid business leaders in their effort to consider people first, increase collaboration spaces around the office, and be inclusive of the employees who choose to stay remote 100% of the time.

The power of communication with Pop-Up Magazine.

The closing session of Flex Summit was sponsored by Pop-Up Magazine and featured Cord Jefferson, television writer for Master of None and The Good Place. He discussed the pivot from voice-based communication to text-based communication, and the impact this will have on the way humans interact.


Cord shared a powerful personal story on how he developed a newfound appreciation for the power of the human voice when his mother was diagnosed with cancer – showing that when you lose someone's voice, it’s all you want back. Thank you again to everyone who tuned into any of last week’s Flex Summit Week sessions. If you missed any of the sessions, they’re all available on-demand.


To learn more about our flexible survey results and how companies can use these insights to navigate the future of work, check out the Flex Survey report.

Lisa Hurd Walker
Lisa Hurd Walker

Lisa is the VP of Brand and Corporate Marketing at Fuze. 

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