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Expanding Our Microsoft Teams Integration & What It Means for Our Users

September 13, 2021 by Dean Holmes

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It’s safe to say that much has changed in the communications space since the onset of the pandemic, and as we look towards a future hybrid workforce, the need for real-time communication— regardless of physical location— is critical. We’re at a point where organizations have never been more aware of the need for communication tools that enable their employees to collaborate and be productive whether they are remote or in the office. In fact, IDC reported that worldwide unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) market revenue was up an impressive 24.9% to $47.2 billion for the full year of 2020, and expects continued growth through 2021 and beyond.


Organizations have adopted a range of solutions to meet these needs and as a result, employees are faced with navigating a multitude of communications platforms throughout their workday — including Microsoft Teams. At Fuze, we know team collaboration and communication is critical to success, regardless of the platform, and are committed to making the necessary cross-functional collaboration tool enhancements to best meet the needs of the modern workforce.


That is why today, we are thrilled to share an expansion of our existing Microsoft Teams and Fuze integrations that provides improved flexibility and calling experience across both platforms. Here’s what we focused on:

Expanding Our Microsoft Teams Integration

At a high level, our enhanced Microsoft Teams integration features a new direct routing solution and additional add-on functionality to ultimately give enterprises the flexibility they need in setting the workflows that fit for them.


For customers who want all communications to live within the Microsoft Teams experience, our expanded direct routing solutions now provide availability for Fuze calling capabilities to users with any Teams license tier. Ultimately, this offers more options for organizations that want to consolidate in a one app setup for their communication needs. Alternatively, our click-to-connect functionality enables customers to use Microsoft Teams with Fuze Calling and Meetings without any additional cost, eliminating any price barriers. And last but certainly not least, our expanded Fuze for Teams add-on gives Teams users voicemail access and control, enhanced call history and contact list, and access to the Fuze Contact Center agent tab — regardless of whether a user is using Direct Routing or Click-to-Connect — for more continuous workflows.


Most importantly, these updates enable organizations to mix-and-match Fuze for Teams solutions depending on the unique use cases and needs of their teams. We’re thrilled about these new features, and are proud to be offering our customers an enhanced Teams experience through our secure and reliable enterprise-grade global platform.


Our Continued Commitment to Our Users

Our ultimate goal with these integrations is to make our users’ lives easier, and to offer a platform that eliminates as many barriers as possible to cohesive and efficient workflows and collaboration experiences across the enterprise. This expanded integration with Microsoft Teams is a step in the right direction, and we will continue to make the necessary changes to meet users where they work and streamline cross-platform experiences, with the mission of empowering workers across industries with tools that enable them to be their most productive selves.

Click here to learn more about Fuze’s commitment to providing better customer experience through integrations.

Dean Holmes
Dean Holmes

Dean is the Director of Product Marketing at Fuze. 

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