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Finding Brand Harmony in a Few Notes

October 04, 2019 by Drew Allison

Woman with fuze logo and hands playing guitar

This month, we celebrated receiving a Better Sound Award for Fuze’s Sonic Identity System at the International Sound Awards in Hamburg, Germany. In order to best explain what this win means for the Fuze brand, we need to first explain our creative process.


Sound has the ability to represent the entire brand and user experience. That’s what our brand team set out to do when tasked with the initial rebrand from the VoIP software company ThinkingPhones to the unified communications company Fuze. In just a few milliseconds, we needed to represent Fuze’s differentiation to any product user through visual and audio articulation.


Finding the right sounds for Fuze meant understanding what our company offers: an integrated and truly unified communications platform; in other words, communication harmony. Harmony is the combination of notes in order to produce chord progressions in a pleasing way. Fuze was the first company to apply this harmony to UCaaS that combines calling, meeting, chatting, and sharing into a single platform.  


As a musician, I knew that we needed to find the right combination of sounds to convey an audio brand that would be uniquely Fuze. When the brand team met, we understood that the end result would have to reach different audiences and form a cohesive sonic family that would be well received by all users of the product. We needed to create a family of ringtones to represent every step of the experience—including a product launch sound, all alerts, and even a wait sound that participants would hear while waiting to join a call or meeting. 


The brand was new. The product was expertly developed and needed to launch strong. The sound of Fuze needed to be simple, transparent, and fluid, aiding work flow as seamlessly as the user interface does across mobile, web, and desktop platforms. 


To create this harmonic family of sounds, we reached out to a composer, a jazz musician who plays classical guitar and piano. While the composer was tuning the guitar, we realized that the sound of a stringed instrument created the exact harmonic notes that we needed. The tone was unique, clear, lightweight, simple, and easy on the ears—this was important so that the sound (when receiving multiple alerts on a daily basis) would not become tedious or tiresome. It was this pinnacle moment that led us to create the main ringtone as a set of three ascending harmonic notes that could also serve as the company audio logo to use across all mediums. 


From there, we synchronized the audio logo with our animated logo brand symbol to represent the seamless and overlapping nature of Fuze’s three core product modes: voice, video, and messaging. Using real and analog instruments to create our audio brand—rather than the digital or mechanical sounds we are used to hearing on a daily basis—gave Fuze a sonic brand that would be extensible and enduring.


It’s a sonic family that represents who we are at our core: a people-centric company committed to spearheading innovation when it comes to offering new and harmonious ways to communicate.


You can learn more about the International Sound Awards and Fuze’s sonic identity system here.   

Drew Allison
Drew Allison

Drew Allison is the Worldwide Brand and Creative Director at Fuze. As part of the Brand Team, Drew participates in every aspect of brand and marketing development across all channels.


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