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Focusing on Customer Experience Drives Recognition of Fuze's Support Staff Excellence

November 30, 2020 by Adam Fuller

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This past month, Fuze was recognized by the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) for achieving Certified Support Staff Excellence Center status for the fourth year in a row. This is extremely difficult to do given TSIA’s rigorous standards, and this year, Fuze was recognized for our continued growth in providing exceptional customer support— including a further 58% improvement in overall initial response time and a 23% increase in support’s Net Promoter Score. As the Senior Director of Customer Strategy and Operations, I couldn’t be more proud of Fuze’s support team for the exceptional work they’ve done this year.


We all know that the transition to working from home has been a rocky one for many organizations, especially those who did not have a business continuity plan in place. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic did not affect North America until early March, our support center staff, made up of over 100 Fuzers worldwide, actually saw our customer locations in APAC shift to remote work in January and February of this year.  By March and early April, the volume of cases our team encountered skyrocketed by 80%. While we didn’t have much of a head start on the transition to remote work, we partnered with Fuze’s Marketing team to produce and push content to administrators focused around helping their end users optimize their work from home experience using Fuze.


Luckily, because of the nature of our product, our support organization was used to working remotely and in hybrid situations. I had team members check in with me after a few months and say, “by the way, I moved to another state”. I just thought that was wonderful, because we focused on helping our team know what was needed to be successful in their roles and understand that work location was not a criteria of success. I think that’s the kind of flexible mentality team leaders need to have as we transition into 2021 and beyond.


This recognition from TSIA proves to me that Fuze really does value and invest in optimizing the customer experience. It would have been easy, in such a tumultuous time, for our executive team to say “this year we’re not going to invest in training our support teams and focus elsewhere.” This acknowledgement reflects that Fuze truly invests in both the training and development of our support organization so that we can better serve our customers and provide them with a seamless experience. We have to listen to our customers, and truly understand their pain points, so that we can help them. I think the improvements in our response time and support NPS score showcase that we do.


I’m proud to be a Fuzer for a lot of reasons, but especially because we invest in the development of our employees, to the benefit of everyone.


Learn more about Fuze’s Worldwide Support Services on our website.

Adam Fuller
Adam Fuller

Adam is the Senior Director of Customer Strategy and Operations at Fuze. 

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