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Frost & Sullivan Names Fuze a Leader in Customer Value

October 27, 2020 by Rob Scudiere

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Today, Fuze was awarded the Customer Value Leadership Award for Cloud Unified Communications & Collaboration. This was an extreme honor for the Fuze team, since so many different groups across the company work together—as we like to say—as #OneFuze in our commitment to partnering with our customers’ on their unified cloud communications journey. We put the customer first—and we’re committed to that principle every day when our teams show up to work.


As we all know, cloud communications adoption has accelerated quickly due to COVID-19. The transition to the cloud came quickly for many companies, and for some of the early adopters, they were ready to send their company home overnight as COVID hit. We’ve heard this time and time again from our customers, and we’re thankful to be a part of that journey with them.


For the enterprise organizations that were less prepared, it’s most likely that moving their communications infrastructure was something that was on their to-do list for years, but they weren’t planning on doing just yet. However, the future of work is here, and companies know that they need a solution that they can rapidly roll out successfully across their entire business. That’s where we at Fuze know that we can help.


At Fuze, we know that enterprises have more complex needs and environments, which require tailored implementation, user training and adoption, targeted support services, and success planning to align with company business objectives. We’ve made it our mission over the last 10+ years to address this issue through our suite of services and solutions designed for the entire customer lifecycle. Recently, we announced the release of Fuze Success Plans, which is a driver for us receiving this Frost & Sullivan award.


Whether it’s planning adoption strategies, anticipating technical issues or maximizing the value of your investment, Fuze Success Plans support organizations throughout the lifecycle of their experience with Fuze unified communications services, ensuring that the platform adapts and evolves alongside their business goals and changing IT environment.


Fuze Success Plans feature the following customer resources across three core service areas:


  1. Adoption: Maintaining and monitoring user adoption is essential to long-term success with any new technology solution. Fuze provides self-help end-user and on-demand training, administration guides in the Fuze Community, usage analytics, an official Adoption Playbook, and other training options to drive adoption and change throughout an organization's migration to Fuze. These Fuze resources drive, execute, and manage adoption services on behalf of customers to help accelerate their time to value.
  2. Support: As an organization evolves, so must its technology stack. To fuel continued growth and value, Fuze acts as a long-term partner, offering ongoing resources and support to manage the introduction of new users, locations, use cases, and Fuze products, features, and services. In addition to resolving issues, Fuze Support is dedicated to understanding the in’s and out’s of a customer’s organization and business needs to proactively address solution requirements.
  3. Success: In addition to managing the day-to-day operations of the platform, Fuze helps customers improve user productivity, increase employee engagement, and achieve ROI. The Fuze Customer Success team partners with customers to establish goals, develop a plan to attain these goals, and measure progress. Regular business reviews and success summaries provide customers with the actionable insights they need to drive change and business outcomes within their organizations.

Fuze offers three different Success Plans - Core, Enhanced, and Premier. By combining adoption, support, and success services into prescriptive plans, these services are designed to help customers realize value and fuel continued customer growth. The plans are recommended based on the customer’s Fuze solution, number of users and locations, complexity of the environment, available internal resources, and adoption maturity.


We know that not all UCaaS providers are as committed to partnering with their customers throughout the customer journey. Some providers move on after implementation or provide “shrink wrap” solutions for a one-size-fits-all model. Fuze’s enterprise experience, methodologies, and resources are among the many reasons why companies choose Fuze as their communications partner. After 10+ years deploying to the enterprise, we’re honored by this acknowledgement from the distinguished analysts within the Frost & Sullivan Connected Work research team, and we’re even more committed to providing value to our customers throughout their entire partnership with us.


You can learn more about Fuze Success Plans below.

Rob Scudiere
Rob Scudiere

As President and COO, Rob oversees our post-sales functions at Fuze globally including Services, Support, Logistics, Product, and Engineering, to ensure an exceptional experience for our customers. Rob brings more than 20 years’ experience leading product development, information technology, operations, and professional services organizations in high-growth public and private high-tech companies.

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