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Fuze 2020 Channel Vision: Q&A Between CEO Brian Day & Channel VP Tim Puccio

December 17, 2019 by Tim Puccio

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I caught up with our new CEO, Brian Day, on the Fuze 2020 vision, and the critical role that the channel plays in our focus on the enterprise market segment. His answers are below. 


Tim: First, let’s set the record straight. Are we still committed to the channel?


Brian: Tim, this is a no-brainer. The Fuze team is fully committed to continue providing the high qFuze CEO Brian Dayuality of service that our partners and their customers expect, as they embrace digital transformation and modern cloud communications. We value the channel and see it as a critical piece to our success in the enterprise market. In fact, a majority of our new deals came through the channel in Q3 and we see that trend continuing going forward. 


Tim: Why is Fuze doubling down on the enterprise?


Brian: Current market trends support our decision to focus on our core strength, which is providing cloud communications solutions to large domestic enterprises, many of which have complex, multi-national deployments. This focus will allow Fuze to significantly enhance our product and expand our service offerings to our customers and partners, aligning our business with the broader industry trend we’re seeing of larger companies migrating communications to the cloud. We couldn’t have done this 18 months ago. We are now finally seeing larger enterprises looking seriously at UCaaS as an alternative to their traditional methods of communications.  


Tim: What’s next for Fuze in the New Year?


Brian: I am confident that as we move forward, we will only enhance our ability to provide best-in-class UCaaS solutions to our customers and partners. One area of focus in 2020 that I am excited about will be improving the partner experience with Fuze.  For instance, we are one of the few companies in the space that has a 100% partner-neutral sales compensation plan. We appreciate our partnerships and believe they are paramount to our success moving forward. 


Tim: Anything else you can tell us, Brian?


Brian: Tim, I’m serious about working more closely with our partners. I’ve spoken with many of them last week and I want to reiterate this message. If there are things that we at Fuze can do better to make us easier to work with, I want to know what they are. This market is moving very fast and we think we have the best solution out there for larger enterprises. We aren’t going to let the traditional speedbumps like “channel conflict” get in the way. In short, we’re open for business in the channel community. I am very excited about our future together.

Tim Puccio
Tim Puccio

Tim is the Channel Chief at Fuze. He is responsible for driving the continued expansion of the global partner program and new opportunities for growth. 

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