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Fuze Fall Product Roundup: What's New in the Platform?

October 14, 2021 by Jason Del Re

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With summer officially behind us and the holiday season quickly approaching, we want to take a look back at the product updates and advancements that we have implemented over the last three months to improve work flexibility and communications for our customers. This blog is part of what will be a regular series, providing details on product updates and greater visibility into the changes we have made to the Fuze platform.


Below, you will find a breakdown of product updates and improvements from July, August, and September 2021, as well as the value they bring to our customers and partners.


(Versions included in this update: 6.18-6.20)


This section includes updates that span across all Fuze Desktop, Mobile, and Web applications. These updates are designed to provide our users with features that enhance the calling, meeting, and chat experiences on Fuze.


Screen Share from Chat - Streamline the sharing of key materials while on-the-go by quickly and easily screen sharing in a 1:1 chat conversation without starting a video call or a meeting. (Desktop, Web, Mobile, Chat, User)

screenshare from chat


Audio (Echo) and Video Improvements - We have upgraded our calling and meeting technology stack with a new WebRTC library, resulting in the reduction of echo in calls and meetings, as well as general enhancements to improve audio and video quality. (Desktop, Mobile, Calling, Meeting, User)


Link Previewing in Chat - Expanded previews of links shared via chat make it easier to preview specific URLs that do not have previewable images. (Desktop, Web, Mobile, Chat, User)


(Versions included in this update: 6.18-6.20)


These updates are specifically for our Fuze Mobile solution, enhancing an end-user’s ability to be productive on-the-go with their mobile devices.


Swipe to reply - It’s easier than ever to respond to a specific message in a 1:1 or group chat. Simply swipe the message to the right and respond via our chat feature. (Mobile, Chat, User)




(Versions included in this update: Fuze 6.18-6.20)


Fuze Contact Center updates are primarily focused on giving supervisors greater insight into their agents’ workloads.


Your Agents and Watchlist Views for Supervisors on Tablet - Fuze Contact Center supervisors using Fuze Mobile on tablets now have two more ways to visualize contact center activity: Your Agents and Watchlist view. Both of these views are also available on Fuze Desktop and Web. For more information, click here.  (Mobile, Tablet, Contact Center, User, Agents, Supervisor)


agents and watchlist contact center


(Versions included in this update: 21.11.0, 21.12.0)


Within Fuze Hub, we have been focused on improving the call flow management experience and user management capabilities. Administrators can now manage user groups as a subset of ring groups, as well as the contact rosters of multiple user groups, all from within Fuze Hub.


Contact Roster Management - Administrators can now manage user groups with the new contact roster functionality in Fuze Hub. This new functionality gives administrators the ability to organize users into groups based on job role, department, location, etc. and replaces the IM Group feature in Fuze Portal. Two use cases for this new feature include:


  1. An organization with regional workers assigned to specific areas can be grouped by their locations, while dispatchers controlling multiple areas can be assigned to multiple groups, allowing them to oversee a regional organization.
  2. Store leaders can view employee groups by shift, department, or store for easier employee management.

(Admin, User Management)


User Groups - User Groups allow customer administrators to view any Ring Groups that are part of call flows. As a result, administrators can gain insight into which users are involved at specific stages of a call flow. This is another step towards enhancing call flow management in Fuze Hub. (Admin, Call Flows)


Audio Library - Within Fuze Hub, we offer new workflows for managing call flows and sequences for main company lines, contact centers, and other use cases. One of these new workflows in the Phone System section is the Audio Library, which can serve as an access point for all sound files uploaded within your organization. We have updated the Audio Library in Fuze Hub to allow for greater customization of the call flow management experience.


Key features include:

  • Recordings management
  • Custom audio file uploading and management
  • Sound file editing

(Contact Center, Admin, Call Flows)

audio library


(Versions included in this update: 4.6)


Many of our updates to Fuze Data are part of our continued initiative to enhance the analytics experience for our administrators. Additionally, customer feedback was leveraged to improve features of our Fuze View and Discover products.


Fuze Data API Updates - In order to facilitate the exporting of information in Fuze Data, we have updated our APIs for users leveraging advanced features:

  • Survey Result API Endpoint - New REST API endpoint added to provide raw data access for call survey results for customers who have call surveys set up.
  • Wrap Code API Endpoint - New REST API endpoint added to provide raw data access for calls with wrap codes.

(Data APIs, Admins)

Fuze View Updates


Fax Log French Translation Update - We have updated our Fax Log status tooltip in Fuze View to support French translation for the most common error messages. If an error message does not have a French translation version it will be displayed in English instead. (Admins, French)


Wrap Code Enhancement - Call Log Filters - Users can now filter for calls with wrap codes with the addition of call log filters. This filter is only applicable if the wrap code is present. (Reporting, Admins, Wrap Codes)

Fuze Discover Updates


Call Survey Explore - The new Explore feature has been added to Fuze Discover to allow customers to report call survey data. This data will only be available for customers who have this feature. (Reporting, Admins)

call survey explore


New Dialed Number Field - A new dimension has been added under Call Explore → Calls. Dialed numbers can now be used as the primary result field when pulling call reporting. A dialed number is the number that the caller dialed, which in many cases can be different from the final “to” field which is the party that answered the call. (Reporting, Admins)


Department Dimension Update - Driven by our commitment to deliver products designed around our customers’ needs, we have added Display Name and Department Name as dimensions within the Departments field and will be deprecating the ID field in a future release. This is part of a continuous effort to improve the user experience for Fuze Discover. (Reporting, Admins)



In order to seamlessly integrate Fuze with our customers’ existing technology stack, we continue to integrate with applications that enhance the user experience across our entire platform. Each integration brings additional value to our customers through ease of use and increased productivity.


Microsoft Teams: New Direct Routing & Expanded Add-On Functionality - We have expanded our existing Fuze integration with Microsoft Teams to improve flexibility and calling experience across both platforms. These enhancements to the Fuze for Teams portfolio feature a new direct routing solution and expanded add-on functionality, improving the overall enterprise communications and collaboration experience across all modalities. With Fuze for Teams, customers can enhance their Teams experience through enterprise-grade security and reliability across a consistent global platform. Learn more about our integration with Microsoft Teams here: https://www.fuze.com/fuze-microsoft-teams (Integrations, Microsoft Teams, Direct Routing, Admins, Users)

microsoft teams animation


Jason Del Re
Jason Del Re

Jason is a Product Marketing Manager at Fuze. 

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