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Fuze Launches Fuze for Recruiting to Optimize & Streamline Hiring Communications

July 13, 2021 by Evan Hutton

The job market hit a low in 2020, as the pandemic forced companies to invoke a hiring freeze and millions of people around the world became unemployed. Now, with the workforce transitioning out of the recruiting hold and into the future of work, companies are able to ramp back up their hiring efforts and resume looking for new talent. As businesses do this, it's important to have a solution that will propel them into the next phase of hiring as the economy rebounds from COVID-19.


After all the changes in the workforce throughout 2020, it’s no surprise the majority of companies will adopt virtual recruiting technologies throughout 2021 to aid their hiring process. This is why I’m excited to announce our newest tailored solution for recruiting agencies and corporate recruiting teams, Fuze for Recruiting, which allows calling, messaging, and SMS capabilities all from one central application. This solution empowers organizations to address the evolving needs of recruiting professionals by introducing two specific new bundles — Fuze for Recruiting Essentials and Fuze for Recruiting Contact Center.


For the last two years, I’ve been working at Fuze as the Recruiting Team Lead, and have seen how my productivity has skyrocketed by utilizing our platform. We know remote work and virtual meetings are likely to continue even post pandemic, and the same can be said about virtual interviews. Specifically, 70% of recruiters note their hiring process will consist of joint virtual and in-person processes to help cut costs and save time. As a recruiter, being able to schedule a video interview is more effective and allows the interviews to take place over multiple days instead of having a candidate come in for a three-hour block of time. Not only does this offer greater flexibility for the candidate, but allows us as recruiters to fill jobs quicker and expedite the overall recruiting process.


With Fuze for Recruiting, there is one centralized location for calling, messaging, and video meetings, allowing recruiting teams to better communicate with one another; we can build groups to organize interviewers and then regroup following an interview to discuss feedback and next steps. Everything can be done in one place, which is important for busy recruiters who are juggling multiple positions and candidates across departments and roles.


Over the past 18 months, as teams have been remote and distributed, my team utilized Fuze’s Chrome extension to integrate with Greenhouse for one-click calling, making it that much easier to build out a contact for candidates through Fuze. Another key integration is with GSuite. I’m able to send calendar invites to interviewers and candidates with the Fuze Meeting ID — all with one click.


The greatest challenge for recruiters is building a relationship with candidates and standing out among other recruiters approaching the same pool of candidates. Fuze’s video capabilities help break through the competition by offering recruiters a chance to speak to candidates “face-to-face”. This capability has allowed us to strengthen our relationship with potential hires from the first initial interview, through the interview process, and into their onboarding once hired — something beyond valuable for my team.


When your job relies heavily on calling dozens of candidates per day, you want to work within a simplified, easy, and collaborative solution so you can, ultimately, do your job better. Fuze for Recruiting does just that for recruiting teams. Learn more about Fuze for Recruiting Essentials and Fuze for Recruiting Contact Center capabilities

Evan Hutton
Evan Hutton

Evan is the Recruiting Team Lead at Fuze. 

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