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Fuze Announces Fuze for Manufacturing: Unlocking Modern Communications from the Frontline to the Factory Floor

February 18, 2021 by Rob Scudiere

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Today, Fuze is launching Fuze for Manufacturing, our first tailored communication solution within a broader vertical strategy.  As the leading provider of cloud communications for the modern enterprise, Fuze is combining critical communications capabilities with implementation services optimized to help manufacturing organizations digitally transform the future of their operations. Fuze for Manufacturing is the first in a series of solutions designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of companies that produce, distribute, or sell products and services in industries like manufacturing, retail, and professional services.


For the global manufacturing workforce, this offering comes at the perfect time, as Deloitte’s recent industry report notes that in 2021, manufacturing companies will need to adapt to the evolving workforce by enabling greater agility.


With the advent of Industry 4.0, we’ve seen the manufacturing industry shift in the last few years as companies adopt new technologies, including automation capabilities and cloud-based solutions. Manufacturers are increasingly leveraging centralized communications solutions to help accelerate innovation, improve customer experience, and eliminate inefficiencies caused by gaps or redundancies of business workflows and systems. Additionally, COVID-19 has put an extra spotlight on the needs of manufacturers to host a one-stop shop for communicating and connecting with their distributed workforce and lone workers on the go. Fuze for Manufacturing provides organizations with a reliable, centralized, modern cloud communications platform to increase worker efficiency regardless of location, an integrated contact center to enhance customer support and field services, emergency tools to ensure the safety of employees from the factory to the field, and advanced analytics to draw insights that maximize the adoption and business value of their technology investments.


Built on our experience with large global enterprises such as FLSmidth, SAS International, and more, Fuze now offers specialized Fuze for Manufacturing licenses to meet the needs of workers in this industry. In addition to the standard Fuze features including international calling, audio and video meetings, messaging, contact center, Fuze for Manufacturing provides enhanced capabilities for employee safety in lone worker and distribution and logistics scenarios as well as providing integrations with adjacent solutions.


Fuze works hand-in-hand with manufacturing customers to plan, design, and deploy unified communications solutions for corporate and regional offices—with specific care towards the unique requirements of warehouses, factories, and production facilities. This includes configuration of multibase DECT systems, remote gateways, SIP-based paging, analog phones and devices, emergency and man-down solutions, and network monitoring.

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To meet the holistic needs of global manufacturing companies, the Fuze for Manufacturing solution is designed to offer a solution for every department, including:


  • Support & Services: Organizations that are fulfilling a large number of service & delivery jobs in a day need a communications solution that is both mobile and efficient. They can use Fuze Mobile on their phone or tablet to check in with management by calling, messaging, sending an image, or video conference with a colleague to provide remote assistance with a service request or a repair. This allows employees in the field to reduce time to repair. Additionally, Fuze Mobile’s ‘car mode’ promotes safe, non-distracted driving to ensure that employees can safely get from one destination to another without interruption or incident.


  • Manufacturing Operations: Fuze understands that the operations team’s main objective is to ensure that their warehouse and production operations are running smoothly — especially when it comes to equipment and repairs. Fuze can prevent and reduce downtime by allowing workers to stay connected with Fuze Mobile, DECT phones, or paging when something needs a repair or needs to be escalated.


  • Research & Development: R&D organizations are always solving problems and innovating. Their top priority is moving quickly to both help their company maintain a competitive advantage and increase velocity to market. Fuze Chat and Meetings allows them to streamline collaboration and approvals for R&D initiatives by screen sharing, marking up content, and uploading HD videos and images for review.


  • Sales & Success: Sales and Success departments are focused on driving both revenue and efficiency. Sales teams can leverage integrations with Salesforce and ServiceNow to embed Fuze into their workstream and eliminate manual tasks like logging calls. Success teams can use contact center and call flows to allow for easy management of customer calls and a positive customer experience.


  • Production & Quality Control: Ensure the safety of your lone workers by providing them with the tools for flexible work during a pandemic, ensuring connectivity for emergencies (e.g. injuries on the production floor), or alerting others of a potential man-down situation through device sensitivity capabilities.


  • Supply Chain & Distribution: Distributors must be able to react to any disruptions within the supply chain and stay on track to hit delivery deadlines. Therefore, they need a communications solution like Fuze that will improve supply chain resiliency. Fuze allows manufacturing organizations to always keep a pulse on both the inbound and outbound activities within their organization. Fuze also helps employees stay in touch with all customers, partners, and colleagues at HQ by using Fuze Mobile for calling, meeting, and messaging— as well as using DECT phones when in an area (like a warehouse) with poor reception.


Fuze for Manufacturing is the first in a series of vertical market offerings that Fuze is rolling out this year to meet the growing demand for cloud-based communications across industries, all while leveraging our experience in the enterprise spanning over the last 15 years. Learn more about Fuze for Manufacturing here and Fuze’s industry expertise here

Rob Scudiere
Rob Scudiere

As President and COO, Rob oversees our post-sales functions at Fuze globally including Services, Support, Logistics, Product, and Engineering, to ensure an exceptional experience for our customers. Rob brings more than 20 years’ experience leading product development, information technology, operations, and professional services organizations in high-growth public and private high-tech companies.

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