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Fuze is Proud to Sponsor Aragon Transform 2019

November 08, 2019 by Eric Hanson

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Note: This post originally appeared on Aragon's website. 


At Fuze, we develop the tools and technology to elevate the modern workforce. We are committed to supporting and engaging with like-minded organizations who embrace digital transformation, such as Aragon Research


Coupled with their in-depth research reports on topics like digital work hubs and the convergence of communications and collaboration, Aragon annually recognizes individuals and companies at Aragon Transform that are leading the conversation on visionary innovation in technology. Last year, Fuze was honored to receive the Aragon Research Innovation Award for voice centric collaboration, and we are excited to celebrate colleagues, leaders, and inspiring organizations at this year's 2019 Aragon Transform Awards on December 5th. 


Leading up to Aragon Transform 2019, our VP of Market Intelligence, Eric Hanson, joined Aragon to share his perspective on Fuze’s platform as it relates to the changing workforce landscape.  


Why are you proud to work at Fuze?


I am passionate about solving the challenges that come with today’s always-evolving workforce. Enabling teams, including remote and distributed workers, with a communications and collaboration experience that mirrors the abilities of workers who sit side-by-side is critical to the success of how companies function today. Fuze is at the forefront of this idea, creating seamless interactions that ultimately eliminate common hurdles like location, time zone differences, or device preferences. These practices reduce time-to-value and deliver a service that not only fits the needs of a modern workforce, but makes them a reality for workers across the globe. 


What is something your company is doing right now that you're really excited about?


As a whole, Fuze finds areas to innovate where there may not always be an obvious solution, ultimately tracing our work as a bottom-line initiative. We’ve made this passion come to life in upcoming initiatives like Flex 2020, our second annual destination summit for leaders engaging in the future of flexible work. Flex gathers leaders of all industries and backgrounds in a space where ideas are made, explored, and shared. This event showcases companies that are changing policies and perspective on flexible work and offering real solutions for others to adopt at the intersection of technology and business culture. Last year, we had speakers including Dr. Alaa Murabit from United Nations and Michael Hopkins from The Solo Project and are thrilled to see what this year’s summit will bring. 


What does transformation, in 2020, mean to you?


Over the next few years, we will see how the economy and work begins to evolve more rapidly together, and how this transformation will rely on those who are already embracing the next wave of the digital economy. Many workforce trends are becoming more mainstream in relation to the ways we think about work. For example, the traditional 9-5 work day is quickly transforming from the norm to less of a reality as we see teams spread across different time zones and employees taking advantage of flexible working options. These transformations are critical as technology solutions are no longer simply directed towards full time employees, but also towards the partners, contractors, and new talent that make up the larger workforce. As the economy and the way we work changes, companies in 2020 (and beyond) will need to ensure they are acting as a unit to support each part of the workforce. 


Why are you proud to sponsor Aragon Transform 2019?


Fuze is proud to be an Aragon Transform sponsor again this year as the program continues to accelerate innovation in the technology industry. We believe that Aragonhas a unique perspective on where the market is going and where we see the market today. This type of research often results in a tighter understanding of the companies who are leading initiatives in tech and not just following the trend.


What is one app you can't live without?


Drumroll please… Fuze! All bias aside, I recently experienced a challenge in which my Fuze app saved my work week. I was an affected resident when Northern California suffered from major power outages due to blackouts implemented by local provider Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E). Using Fuze Mobile, I was able to continue to get work done and proceed with my calls and conversations keep work moving. With a busy schedule and a team that relies on me, I am proud to have access to a tool that saved my productivity in a time where I may have otherwise had to take several days off. These recent outages brought to mind the cliché we all know too well, “you never know what you have until it's gone.” But in my case, it would be “you never realize how important a tool is until you’re completely dependent on it.” Fuze is a platform that helps me, my team, and our customers stay connected and productive regardless of external challenges. 


Earlier this year, Fuze was named a Leader in the 2019 Aragon Research Globe™ for Unified Communications and Collaboration report. To learn more about Fuze’s inclusion as a Leader, click here

Eric Hanson
Eric Hanson

Eric is the Chief Marketing Officer at Fuze. He is responsible for setting the company’s global marketing strategy and overseeing demand generation, brand, and product & customer marketing. Eric works with other members of the executive team to lead the company’s vision and product strategy. 

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