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Digital Transformation for the Transportation Industry: How Fuze & Samsung are Driving the Unified Communications Experience

October 22, 2019 by Dean Holmes

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From the cab, to the back office, to the customer—keeping drivers connected elevates their performance, increases customer satisfaction, and gives businesses a distinct competitive advantage. As demonstrated by a partnership between Fuze and Samsung earlier this year, adding Fuze’s Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution to a full-function Samsung mobile device provides substantial benefits for both the company and the driver.


In today’s increasingly connected and mobile world, transportation companies have the opportunity to leverage insights from communications usage patterns across voice, video, and chat to identify macro trends to help them drive business efficiency. 


Below are four ways that UCaaS platforms like Fuze are helping organizations in the transportation industry gain a competitive edge: 


Increasing Efficiency & Productivity


Traditional methods of communicating with drivers are no longer sufficient for the modern transportation company. Today, there are a variety of factors for these businesses to consider as their communication evolves: regulatory requirements necessitating Electronic Logging Devices (ELD), advances in technology like the proliferation of LTE and 5G allowing drivers to stay more connected, and more. When combined with Fuze, communications to and from your drivers becomes even more effective.


Unlike other cloud-based unified communications solutions, Fuze can: 


  • Provide multi-channel communication via a single application (voice, video calling, SMS, chat) 
  • Unified Directory to easily search and connect with people
  • Contact Center queuing for flexible call routing to connect drivers with the best resource
  • Group and individual chat provides information and assistance quickly


Driving Costs Downward


Providing a common set of communications tools that are integrated with your in-truck devices does more than increase efficiency, it drives down costs. Eliminating disparate devices and communications applications, as well as migrating to a unified communications platform, reduces your IT spend and reduces time and effort when communicating between drivers, dispatch, and maintenance. 


Fuze allows transport companies to cut costs by: 


  • Consolidating into one unified platform reduces IT spend
  • Automatically shutting off in-motion communications when the truck is moving can lower your CSA score, thus lowering insurance premiums
  • Decrease or eliminate spend on voice and extra devices by utilizing LTE-enabled tablets
  • Camera and video sharing allows dispatch and repair to see what the driver sees


Improving Driver Retention


From retaining seasoned drivers by providing easier-to-use tools, to attracting the younger generation that has grown up with mobility, integrating Fuze with a fully connected Samsung device provides benefits for all of your drivers and significantly increases job satisfaction.

Fuze gives drivers and remote employees more flexibility by allowing them to: 

  • Quickly chat, call, and video with co-workers
  • Complete training without a facility stop
  • Attend company meetings while remote
  • Use chat groups for community and business conversations


Leveraging Communications Data


With Fuze enabled on your Samsung devices, not only are you providing your drivers with one client for voice, video, and messaging, you are also consolidating these services onto a single unified platform. This means that all of your communications data is merged via the Fuze Data Platform. From real-time views, to analytics on historical trends, to full access via APIs, Fuze provides the insight you need to make data-driven business decisions: 

  • View communications patterns and trends throughout the organization
  • Report on the complete history of inbound calls
  • Connect your communications data to backend systems via API
  • Secure and reliable data access 


Ultimately, transportation organizations can leverage their unified communications platform to ensure that their drivers can be seamlessly integrated into the company culture—no matter where in the world they may be located. 


Learn more about Fuze & Samsung’s partnership here


Dean Holmes
Dean Holmes

Dean is the Director of Product Marketing at Fuze. 

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