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Fuze Unveils Fuze for Manufacturing License Specialized for Field and Floor Workers

June 22, 2021 by Leah Riklin

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Following the successful launch of our first vertical, Fuze for Manufacturing, which included two manufacturing licenses (Fuze for Manufacturing Essentials and Fuze for Manufacturing Contact Center), our team is taking licensing one step further. We are excited to announce our latest license, Fuze for Manufacturing Field & Floor, which is a tailored solution for field service technicians and facility floor employees, enabling these professionals to remain connected to their teams while they are out in the field, in a facility or a factory floor.


As a Senior Product Designer, it’s my job to continue to ask questions, listen, uncover what’s working, what’s not and what we can do to make the Fuze experience better through our products. I sat down to have real conversations with our manufacturing customers, and learn how we could better support their day-to-day operations.


With our specific customers in mind, we developed Manufacturing Field & Floor. I had the privilege of speaking directly with many of these key customers to gain insight into employee pain points, and from those conversations, we created a license that truly serves the needs of field service technicians and factory workers. The overwhelming customer feedback and ideas were related to costs, the need for an all-in-one solution, and the desired ability to receive and provide remote assistance.

Limiting costs for floor workers

Customer feedback: “I’ve never seen, or worked at a company that puts devices everywhere. On occasion, devices get distributed to pickers or upper management, but because the cost is so substantial companies aren’t going to put them everywhere.”  There are many unexpected costs involved in maintaining and supporting older technologies like radios and they are increasingly limited in the value they offer. We consistently heard that companies don’t want to spend a lot of money on the floor so finding low cost, flexible solutions to improve communication is essential.


Fuze’s solution: The field and floor license, starting at $4 a license, offers a more robust cost-effective way for floor workers to stay connected inside and outside the warehouse. Available on a wide range of devices, our offering enables companies to consolidate multiple devices into one and better meet the needs of their floor workers with richer communication options (1:1 and team messaging, video calling, meetings, photo, document and location sharing), better voice and network quality, and larger reach.


All-in-one communication across locations, departments, and devices

Customer feedback: “Use just one device. If you are going to add something to my belt, you better take something else off of it.” Currently, people use an average of 4.5 communication tools at work, which requires constant switching between several devices and applications and causes inefficiencies and frustrations. Being able to “reduce the number” of devices any worker needs to carry is appealing both from a cost-reduction standpoint as well as an efficiency standpoint.


Fuze’s solution: Workers can carry one tool that meets the needs of teams and customers day-to-day. By having one device, workers reduce the need to locate the right person or run over to the floor phone to make a call.  With one single multi-purpose device that can reach any worker, with any information, any time – there are no more communication boundaries or radio and deskphone dependencies. This creates one truly mobile workforce that can deliver maximum productivity and customer service quality.


Customer feedback:  “Easily connect with teams offsite.” Oftentimes, those outside the warehouse need visibility into what’s happening on the warehouse floor, but it isn’t always simple for them to connect with their floor workers. “Before, you'd message every manager (on the factory floor) and hope someone responds. If they do, the manager would have to go to the floor and flag someone down and then get back to me.”


Fuze’s solution: Connect people all across the company on any device and reduce communication silos and blackholes with 1:1 and group messaging, video calling, and integrations for seamless access. Connecting the factory floor to the people and information they need— when they need to be— helps to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. This allows them to chat, video conference, call, share location, send photos/files, or start a group or 1:1 chat. Most importantly, it allows flexibility. Managers can be anywhere and still communicate with both the floor and those outside the warehouse on a single device, with no more communication boundaries or radio and deskphone dependencies.

Remote assistance

Customer feedback: "Bad truck rolls.” A lot of times field workers are sent out to do something and they’re not able to fulfill the job because they don't have the right tools or information to complete it. They either need to spend hours tracking down the missing information/parts, come back later or companies need to send someone else, which is costly and results in time delays for customers.


Fuze’s solution: With Fuze, technicians & floor workers have quick access to 1:1 or group messaging to ask an individual expert or a local team for help. They can also communicate a status update, and quickly start a Fuze Meeting from a group chat for easy collaboration on the move.


Customer feedback: When trying to troubleshoot on the job, it’s hard to fully describe or illustrate what’s going on to a colleague or supervisor with voice-only communication solutions. Being able to use video, photos, etc. to better communicate the nuance of what’s going on is important.


Fuze’s solution: Field service technicians can start a 1:1 video call with one-click to display the situation at hand and get remote assistance. Remote assistance helps bring the knowledge of another expert into the situation in real-time, eliminating the need to bring a different technician on-site or make a second visit to the site at a later date. Ultimately, this saves time, money, and the need for a second visit to the site to resolve the issue. With Fuze, field technicians can arrive on site and seek advice by leveraging chat or video calling to share the issue details with a remote expert. Now with immediate access, the expert who’s miles away can investigate and facilitate repair without travel delays, maximizing customer uptime.


The Fuze for Manufacturing Field & Floor license now serves as one, low-cost solution that addresses all the feedback and customer pain points field and floor workers experience on a daily basis. Key features include:


  • 1:1 video calling
  • Meetings and messaging
  • Car mode and dynamic emergency services for enhanced connectivity both on and off the road
  • Single sign-on (SSO) authentication for quick and secure access
  • Integration with Salesforce for seamless access to the CRM platform

Learn more about Fuze for Manufacturing and Fuze for Manufacturing Field & Floor.

Leah Riklin
Leah Riklin

Leah is a Senior Product Designer at Fuze. 

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