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Fuze Unveils New Global Network Innovations for Enhanced Connectivity

November 12, 2021 by Deva Dash

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Our team has been hard at work expanding Fuze’s portfolio of global network connectivity options to ensure hybrid workers don’t miss a beat regardless of their location around the world. We are committed to meeting our customers’ unique connectivity needs which continue to quickly evolve to support remote and hybrid workforces. With this, we are thrilled to be rolling out four new capabilities that provide more flexibility and less downtime for customers connecting to Fuze’s architecture from around the world.


Let’s dive into these new offerings:


AWS Cross-Region Direct Connect Backup

Fuze has developed a custom solution with Amazon Web Services (AWS) which we refer to as AWS Cross Region Redundancy Design that automatically creates Transit VIFs on every Direct Connect gateway, which can be attached to networks in a customer’s redundant point of presence (PoP). In other words, this design ensures that if either Fuze or AWS’ network experiences technical difficulties or downtime, network traffic will remain unaffected and still route to the same region via another PoP. This enables Fuze to eliminate downtime during scheduled/unscheduled network maintenance or disaster recovery.


Global Cross Announcements for Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Routes

Fuze has completed all peering infrastructure such that we now announce our prefixes uniformly and completely to all peers and IXs globally. This infrastructure investment and associated policy allows Fuze to deliver its network in line with Tier I ISP peering policies. By dramatically increasing our peering footprint and internet edge, we’ve significantly enhanced the availability of our routes to our users.


ECX as a Connectivity Option in all our Data Centers

Fuze has joined the Equinix ECX SDN platform in seven co-locations across the world, across 3 different countries, including EMEA, APAC and North America regions, with backup ports in every facility. We continue to expand connectivity options for our clients and meet our users where they are by supporting any of their connectivity methods.


Cross Platform Monitoring and Correlation using Call Detailed Records (CDRs)

With our wealth of Call Detailed Records (CDRs) showing data around our customers’ network performance, we have built custom monitoring tools that leverage different data science models and anomaly detection to identify performance outliers and deviations. This enables us to proactively - rather than reactively - address network performance issues with customers.


For example, using this data, Fuze can intelligently pivot away terminating PSTN traffic to alternative providers when certain carriers have performance issues, or shift traffic away from a particular ISP or network path in the event that a specific ISP has an issue.


Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to advance our network capabilities. We’re just a phone call or message away if you need us.

Deva Dash
Deva Dash

Deva Dash is a Network Cloud Engineer at Fuze.

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