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Fuze Unveils Partner-First Initiative: The Future of Value-Driven Services

May 18, 2021 by Chris Jones

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Over the past several years, organizations across industries have continued to move away from on-premises legacy communications technologies at a rapid pace. This transition to the cloud has accelerated in recent months, as many organizations were forced to digitally transform practically overnight in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, catching many business leaders off guard. In fact, according to a recent McKinsey study, 92% of company leaders don’t believe their business model will remain viable and keep up with the rising rates of digitization.


Looking ahead, the digital landscape will continue to evolve even after the pandemic subsides and organizations transition to a hybrid workforce model. To accommodate these changes, global organizations need to rely on partners that can seamlessly strategize and execute their digital transformation plans, and help their business move into the future.


That’s why today Fuze announced our partner-first initiative. Operating within the Fuze Global Partner Program, the partner-first initiative is devoted to helping our partners deliver value-driven customer experiences through services, support, and the technology required to meet the demands of digital transformation.


The partner-first initiative will provide ongoing support for long-term customers, and partners who participate will have a new opportunity for:


  • Full customer ownership while delivering Fuze-developed sales, implementation, support programs and methodologies that expand opportunities to add value as an agent or value-added reseller.
  • Full access to Fuze’s enterprise resources and support such as dedicated sales representatives, implementation managers, and engineers.
  • Opportunities to drive revenue with new and current customers and increase profit margins by offering a scalable cloud solution to support the full breadth of their clients’ communications needs.
  • Personalization capabilities to fit the needs of the partner’s framework. As the leading provider of cloud communications for the modern enterprise, we are proud to actively put partners that drive value for their customers first and the partner-first initiative helps us continue to fulfill that mission.


The partner-first initiative will be led by Fuze’s recently appointed Vice President of Global Partner Experience, Mike Berlin. Learn more about the newest partner program initiatives below and how Fuze is removing the risk and complexity of digital transformation.

Chris Jones
Chris Jones

Chris Jones is the Chief Revenue Officer at Fuze. 

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