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A Lookback at Fuze Culture

December 22, 2021 by Fuze

A collage of Fuze culture activities.

Earlier this month, Fuze was recognized by Comparably for Best Company Culture. Instead of explaining how honored we are in a blog post or writing about the importance of maintaining culture when remote, we asked our fuzers to share memories and photos that showcase our great culture over the years. Here are a few submissions:


"Fuze was the first company I've ever worked with where I felt a healthy work/life balance was genuinely understood, accepted and practiced along all levels of the organization." - Robert Laracuente


“I have only been with Fuze for a mere 4 months, but in the time I have spent here, the one thing I tell my friends is that everyone is just a truly nice and caring person. The way people work together and speak to each other can't be summarized any other way than nice and respectful. For someone who has worked in a toxic workplace, my experience at Fuze has been nothing but a breath of fresh air.” - Kate Bugusky


“To me, Fuze culture meant working alongside the most talented, dedicated, passionate and supportive people in the industry, who were not only working towards common goals, making things happen, and sharing the same passion for flexible work, but who were also there for you on a bad day, who supported each other through the pandemic, who faced challenges with smiles on their faces and who will be part of each other's life no matter where their future careers take them. I've only been with Fuze for a year but it's been one of the best years professionally despite all the COVID variants and whatever else it threw at us, thanks to Fuze and all the fuzers around me.” - Arpine Babloyan


“It’s not just about a goal...In Fuze culture we cooperate and support each other to achieve a common goal: a great unified communication platform.” - Cristina Oliveira


Thank you to all fuzers for helping bring Fuze’s culture to life!

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