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My First 90 Days: How Fuze is Delivering a Partner-First Strategy to the Market

September 02, 2021 by Mike Berlin

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This month marks 90 days in my role as the leader for the Fuze Partner Programs & Partner Experience, and I’m beyond excited about what we’ve already accomplished in such a short period of time. Looking back, I came into my new role with the goal of helping Fuze transition to becoming a true partner-first organization. The channel world is a competitive one, so I asked myself: how could we drive a different partner experience that further separates us from the competition?


For me, the answer lies with creating a framework for Fuze that focuses on both influencing the success of our partner community and the markets they support. This comes down to driving much deeper relationships with our partners and their leadership, and showing that we are a strategic resource for them beyond a technology supplier within the UCaaS industry. In other words, it’s not just about selling Fuze — what’s most important is working with our partners to figure out how we can help make their business more successful and influential, and thus more impactful in the markets that they serve.


In the past three months we’ve taken four significant steps to accomplish this goal:


1) Reaffirmed Fuze's position and commitment to the partner ecosystems through our partner-first initiative launch.

As part of our retooled partner program, in May of this year we launched our partner-first initiative focused on empowering our partners with the services, support, and technology they need to meet modern customer needs and power their digital transformation efforts. Our goal with this was to really drive a ubiquitous infrastructure that enabled our partners to choose the best methodology for them to engage in the markets that they support, and give them the tools they need to better meet evolving communications and collaboration needs within their industries. This is especially critical coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic where research shows 62 percent of contact center leaders plan to implement cloud technologies.


It’s also important to note that we’ve implemented this initiative across Fuze as an organization, not just our services and support team. This partner-first mentality extends across sales as well as the partner team and our company as a whole. I’m happy to say “partner-first” is now a Fuze mentality.


2) Expanded our partner team to help drive successful engagements.

Over the past few months we’ve also focused on building out our team of partner focused professionals with the addition of those who have a long standing track record in driving successful partner experience and engagements. Fuze is investing more than ever before in bringing in top talent on the channel side, and we’ve been thrilled about quadrupling our team to help meet our goals.


3) Launched a Fuze Partner Reseller component to our channel programs.

We’ve also created an additional initiative within Fuze for Fuze national resellers and global resellers. Acting as a separate program within the Fuze partner team, there is now a focus on successful reseller outcomes. This program enables Fuze partners to pick the best go-to-market strategy based on their unique customer needs, ensuring our partners drive value to their customers across all of Fuze’s offerings.


4) Increase Fuze brand and presence within the partner markets.

Across the organization we’ve rocketed from a 10% investment in the partner ecosystem to 80%. To set ourselves apart we must continue to work towards establishing a much higher presence and brand awareness for Fuze within the partner communities that we support. We’ve invested heavily in corresponding brand and marketing activity across the company, as well as engaging in all community partner activities including events and local enablement. This is something we’ll continue to push for months to come.


I firmly believe that we have the tools and programs in process to really drive change and progress within the partner community. But we’re just getting started, and we have our sights set high. This is the first in a series of posts highlighting our partner-first initiative at Fuze. Stay tuned as we continue to set more exciting milestones with our partner community.

Mike Berlin
Mike Berlin

Mike Berlin is the Vice President of Global Partner Programs & Partner Experience at Fuze. 

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