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Digital Inclusivity Through Integrations: Streamlined Calling with Slack

April 02, 2020 by Jed Brown

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In the current workforce landscape, real-time communication has become a valued piece of every worker's day-to-day routine to connect with coworkers and stay engaged. Now more than ever, organizations are keenly aware of the impact that effective collaboration tools can have on workforce productivity and morale — connecting all employees regardless of location. 


At Fuze, we know team communication is vital to success, but we also understand that the IT leaders who are responsible for providing the right solutions for their organizations are inundated with options. While this may be a challenge, we believe that it can be easily overcome with cross-functional collaboration tools — a commitment we find necessary in building truly unified communications solutions to best support the modern workforce. 


Enhancing the Fuze + Slack integration with calling 


Today, we are proud to share an enhancement to the Slack and Fuze integration that enables one-click calling escalation, a cross-platform feature that simplifies user experience by accelerating productivity from chat to internal and external calling. Building on the existing Fuze integration for Slack, users can now seamlessly escalate to a Fuze telephony call directly from the new Slack interface, further enhancing the enterprise communications and collaboration experience across the two platforms. 


We understand that across an organization, there isn’t always one central communications and collaboration tool. Often, we find organizations in which some teams — and even entire departments — use different solutions to stay connected to one another. To better support organizations with a holistic solution, integrations that streamline cross-platform experiences, like our recent enhancement with Slack, deepens our ability to provide organizations and their users with a comprehensive approach to collaboration.


Empowering user experience with integrations


While it may be a small step towards promoting digital inclusivity, platform integrations enable cohesive collaboration experiences to strengthen productivity in natural rhythms that don’t disrupt worker’s routines. With the latest Slack integrations, users are met with the choice to use the application with which they are most comfortable and can easily toggle between the two platforms. Functionality includes one-click simplicity to escalate from a Slack direct message, public or private channel, to a Fuze telephony call or video meeting, including full screen sharing capabilities. 


By expanding our integrations, Fuze continues to empower workforce ecosystems across diverse industries with tools that allow them to collaborate on their platform of choice. The enhanced integration for Slack comes on the heels of our Microsoft Teams integration, enablingTeams-enabled commands for one-click transition from chat-to-live video or calling. The integration for Slack is now generally available on the Fuze platform beginning yesterday, April 1, 2020. 


To learn more about Fuze’s commitment to providing better customer experience through integrations, click here.  

Jed Brown
Jed Brown

Jed is the SVP of Product at Fuze. 

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