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Fuze On the Fly: The Power of Fuze Instant Invites

June 09, 2015 by

We believe Fuze should work the way you do -- flexibly and collaboratively across all devices, on-the-go, and -- just as important -- on-the-fly. The truth is, not every important discussion or decision happens in a scheduled meeting. And while Fuze makes scheduled meetings a snap through our in-app scheduler, Google calendar extension for Chrome, and Outlook add-in for Windows, we know that spur-of-the-moment, face-to-face conversations with team members are invaluable. You need to be able to connect the second inspiration strikes!

Enter Fuze’s take on peeking your head over a colleague’s cubicle wall: Instant Meetings.

Fuze Instant Meetings are easy to launch from any device and drop you directly in a brand new meeting. Once you’re in, the Add Participant menu opens automatically so you can invite team members. If logged into Fuze on their computer or mobile device, you will see their presence.

Invite participants Fuze

Your invitees will get a notification prompting them to join the meeting with a single click -- no need to enter the meeting number.

Fuze invite notification

Fuzers who aren’t logged in receive an email with the meeting link so they can also click to join immediately.

Fuze email invite

Move an in-progress meeting to a Fuze Room

In addition to being able to invite people to your Instant Meetings, it’s just as easy to invite Fuze Rooms to an in-progress meeting. Inviting a Fuze Room to your meeting allows you to skip entering a meeting number in the Room’s system, saving time and preventing distraction. It’s a great solution when you have two or more team members collaborating at a single location and/or want to the ability to view invitees and content in a larger format. Joining a Room from your personal device also allows you to share content wirelessly with the room and everyone else in the meeting.

Fuze Invite room

Know you’ll need a room? Start a meeting in Room Mode

To make it even easier to launch meetings in Fuze Rooms, we also recently introduced Room Mode, which lets you to quickly join a meeting via a Fuze Room from your personal computer or device. Here’s how it works:

When you enter a meeting’s Green Room on your personal device, simply select the Room Mode tab

IPad mini Black room invite

Then, select the Fuze Room you’d like to connect

Fuze IPad mini Black room invite select

No need to invite the room as a participant or enter the meeting number in the Room’s system, the room (and your personal computer or device) will join automatically.

Fuze rooms

To learn more about Fuze for Rooms, click here.

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