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Fuze Redefining Video Conferencing for SUNY Broome Community College

August 19, 2015 by

What does your organization do? What are you trying to achieve? SUNY Broome Community College is located in Binghamton, NY. Our 67-year-old college is rooted in its understanding that it is always "a work in progress," shaped by succeeding generations of faculty and administrators. We strive to be a leader in anticipating and responding to diverse individual, community and global needs for accessible lifelong educational opportunities.

Why did you choose Fuze? How did you come across Fuze? About three years ago, we started getting more requests for video conferencing. We have a technology committee comprised of various faculty and administration individuals tasked with helping identify solutions and developing standards for technology on campus. When researching video conferencing, the goal was to find a solution that was sustainable, scalable and supportable.

SUNY Broome uses Fuze

We evaluated several solutions and found Fuze was the best fit for our campus. There were several key reasons:

Easy to setup and deploy: We could easily schedule and set up meetings requested by faculty and staff members on campus and quickly roll this out to anyone who needed more than just an occasional meeting space.
Easy to connect with people outside our campus: As our student population grows beyond the confines of county, state and national lines, a faculty member can now quickly setup a meeting to communicate with students in another country if needed.
Intuitive, simple to use: Finally, Fuze is intuitive. We needed a system that requires little instruction on both the client and host end. That final ingredient made Fuze very attractive.
How do you use Fuze today? Have you discovered new uses for it? A primary way we use Fuze is for ad-hoc calling. We can quickly and easily schedule and host meetings with an impromptu guest. We also use it for more structured and scheduled purposes. Many of our new faculty and staff candidate interviews are held using Fuze and we have monthly meetings with board members and special guests who are unable to be on campus.

SUNY Broome uses Fuze

How is Fuze making an impact? What do you like best about Fuze? Having Fuze as a tool on our campus is beginning to change the lexicon of video conferencing. I find users referring less and less to "video conferencing." Instead, folks will email me and ask specifically for a Fuze conference. For the past year, we have used Fuze as a testing solution only. However, as more faculty and staff experience Fuze for the first time, the feedback has been generally positive. As we’ve come to realize Fuze’s role in our organization, we’ve become confident this solution is in fact: sustainable, scalable and supportable. In the coming year we plan to move out of our testing phase with Fuze and scale it up campus wide as the video conferencing solution standard.

Top tip for Fuze users? If you are setting up a conference for a large meeting room where the computer is in the front of the room we’ve found hosting the meeting on a tablet and making the room an attendee is an excellent way to manage the meeting. It allows you to share content wirelessly and control the meeting right from your tablet.

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