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The Fuze Tip & Trick with Asaf Nachmany

July 10, 2014 by

Every week, the Fuze Tip & Trick blog series provides valuable insider tips used by Fuze employees in their day-to-day jobs. Each week, we spotlight a different employee from various departments, roles & offices within Fuze. Today’s tip is brought to us from Software Engineer (and fan of Beaker) Asaf Nachmany. 

Employee: Asaf Nachmany Title: Software Engineer Department: Engineering How long at Fuze: 11 months Favorite Muppet: Beaker

Asaf Nachmany likes to make things pretty. As a front-end developer based in our San Francisco office, Asaf develops the web pages behind the Fuze product, building product enhancements that make Fuze visually appealing to our numerous customers. With our technical gurus spread across multiple offices, he participates in daily team stand up meetings via Fuze, where team members can share ideas, offer help with coding, and troubleshoot their way through the latest project plan. Fuze helps keep these meetings short so progress can be made, but more importantly, it offers a way for the team to share coding problems and find the fixes quickly through use of tools like screen share and visual chat. On a more personal note, Asaf also likes to use Fuze to stay connected with family in Tel Aviv and London.

Asaf’s Fuze Tip: “Promote Attendees to Presenter through their Avatar”

Fuze is a great tool for team collaboration. Often times, team discussions require that more than one meeting attendee be able to share content or screen share. Asaf sees this in most of his daily team meetings. He suggests using the ‘Promote’ feature on the Fuze video avatars to quickly assign presenter status to those that need to share information in your meeting.  A simple click on that person’s video avatar instantly gives them the privilege to add content to the meeting or screen share important details to discuss, without major interruption to the meeting’s progress. Any attendee can be granted presenter status enabling great team collaboration.

Fuze Tip  Asaf

Fuze not only changes the way we think about video conferencing and collaboration, but it also enhances the ways we communicate within our own teams to get the job done and do our best work. It can even connect a family on three continents!

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