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Fuze video conferencing comes to Linux workstations

Millions of Linux users have been ignored by today’s real-time collaboration providers. Long forced to boot in a virtual OS, or worse, revert to using email as a way to collaborate, relief is finally here. Fuze for Linux supports screen sharing, remote control, HD video conferencing and VoIP from Linux workstations. Users familiar with our Mac and tablet interfaces will instantly know their way around Fuze for Linux - to install it, simply follow this link from your Linux workstation: http://fuzemeeting.com/fuze.

Fuze for Linux is officially supported on CentOS 6.x, Ubuntu 10.x and Ubuntu 12.x. Other 64-bit versions of Linux have been reported to work as well. If you are installing on a distribution other than those officially supported, you may wish to post questions or ask for advice from our growing Fuze for Linux user community.

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