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Gaining Employee Buy-In Through Training

March 18, 2014 by

Organizational theory tells us that every company is unique; what works for one doesn’t guarantee success at another. What all companies do have in common, however, is a general resistance to change. Employees often express reluctance to adopt anything new, especially when it could alter their productivity.

According to an article in InformationWeek entitled “Why Culture Eats UC Strategies For Lunch,” a critical piece of guaranteeing employee acceptance is implementing proper training. Thinking Phone Networks has become a leader in working with customers to understand varying levels of technical proficiency, budget, and preferred learning methods within an office. We recognized early on that learning must be considered on an individual level, so we offer our customers the flexibility to tailor training according to their users’ needs. Many of our cloud UC customers benefit from the freedom and flexibility of our free online resources, while others gravitate towards our interactive webinars and on-site training.

Thinking Phone Networks works with customers to alleviate the stress of a unified communications rollout by listening to not only management, but end users as well. Our plans have ranged from using a staged approach for customers with multiple locations around the world to performing a “hot cut” on the day of installation for a 500-phone office. No matter the desired speed of implementation, TPN ensures that all the teams are ready to handle the transition. Our approach takes pressure off the managers, allowing them to focus on what matters while ensuring a seamless implementation.

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