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Fuze Winter Product Roundup: What’s New in the Platform?

January 10, 2022 by Jason Del Re

Fuze product update image.

As we begin 2022, we at Fuze not only hope everyone enjoyed a happy and safe holiday season, but wish our customers and readers a wonderful new year! We have been busy over the last few months of 2021 developing features and tools designed to help our customers stay connected while working in the office, at home, and on-the-go. We are especially excited to announce Fuze 7, our most powerful and responsive version of our desktop application yet!


Below, you will find a breakdown of recent product updates and improvements, as well as the value they bring to our customers and partners.




Fuze product update image.


We are thrilled to announce the latest release of Fuze Desktop. Fuze 7 combines the power of the Fuze communications platform with a new lightweight desktop application for faster loading and improved responsiveness to empower the hybrid worker experience. Fuze 7 gives users the tools and flexibility they need to remain productive and drive business outcomes in the workplace, at home, or on the go. These enhancements offer the ability to provide deeper integration with line-of-business applications, meeting users where they work.


Below are some of the innovative new features users can expect from Fuze 7:


  • Meeting mini-controller for viewing active speakers and screen share while multitasking
  • Background blur that puts the focus on the user during meetings
  • Screen share from chat that enables workers to share content without starting a meeting
  • Seamless user experience across desktop and web applications


Fuze 7 will be generally available in early Q1 of 2022. Fuze customers, if you are interested in joining the open beta for Fuze 7, sign up here! (Updates, Desktop, Beta, Calling, Meeting, User)


FUZE DESKTOP, WEB, AND MOBILE (Versions included in this update: 6.21 - 6.23)


The recent updates for Fuze Desktop, Mobile, and Web applications are designed to provide our users with features that enhance the calling, meeting, and chat experiences on Fuze.


Video Background Blur - Fuze Web users can apply background blur to their video feed when joining meetings. The user may select their preferred background blur setting before and during a meeting. (Web, Meeting, User)


Image of video background blur


Set Your Current Locations (Fuze Desktop/Web) - Users with services configured in the US and Canada can now add up to 20 personal locations in Fuze Desktop and Fuze Web, and can set their Current Location using either personally-added locations or administrator-created locations. Current Location is primarily used for 911 emergency calls to ensure that Fuze provides emergency dispatchers with the most up-to-date location information available about a specific user during an emergency. (Desktop/Web, Location, Emergency Services, User)


FUZE MOBILE (Versions included in this update: 6.21 - 6.23)


These updates are specifically for our Fuze Mobile solution, enhancing an end-user’s ability to be productive on-the-go with their mobile devices.


Emergency Calling with GPS Location - We have updated our emergency services process and handling on Fuze Mobile:

  • As a Fuze user, you will now be prompted to share your GPS location for the purposes of emergency calling. Users can permanently dismiss the prompt. If dismissed, this feature can be re-enabled via Settings.
  • All emergency calling will now be handled via Fuze Mobile and no longer be pushed to the native dial pad on your mobile device.
  • If GPS location is not shared with Fuze Mobile, Fuze will use your provisioned location information during a 911 call, which may not be accurate. Therefore, if you dismiss the location prompt, you will be individually responsible during an emergency call to provide/confirm your physical location.
  • This feature applies only to users with services located in the US and/or Canada.

(Mobile, Calling, Emergency Services, Security, Location, User, US, Canada)


Walkie-Talkie Mode - Users can now turn on Walkie-Talkie Mode within any chat and all incoming audio messages will play automatically. Users can see who else has Walkie-Talkie Mode turned on for that chat, and push the button to talk. Other users with Walkie-Talkie Mode turned off will still receive audio messages, so they can catch up on the chatter.


On Android devices, incoming audio will play out loud as it comes in, even if Fuze Mobile is in the background. Users can reply by simply holding a button and easily replay any missed audio as well.


Walkie-talkie communications will be received as audio messages by users on iOS devices and media attachments for Fuze Desktop and Fuze Web users. Full walkie-talkie functionality will be available for iOS users in a future release.


(Mobile, Messaging, Android, User)


FUZE CONTACT CENTER (Versions included in this update: Fuze 6.21 - 6.23)


Fuze Contact Center updates are primarily focused on giving supervisors greater insight into their agents’ workloads.


Call Recording Visibility - As a supervisor, you will be able to tell at a glance that a call is being recorded (and if the recording has been momentarily paused) by one of the agents on your list. (Desktop/Web, Mobile, Tablet, Contact Center, User, Agents, Supervisor)


Enhanced Call Queue Management - As a Fuze Contact Center supervisor, you can now transfer a call from a queue you supervise to any queue within the same organization on Fuze Desktop and Fuze Web, even if it is not supervised by you. (Desktop/Web, Contact Center, User, Agents, Supervisor)


Call Queue Alert Setup - As a supervisor, create, edit, and delete alerts for managed queues directly from your tablet. This feature has been available on Fuze Desktop and Fuze Web and is now available on Fuze Mobile for tablets. (Desktop/Web, Mobile, Contact Center, User, Supervisor)


FUZE HUB (Versions included in this update: 21.13.0 - 21.15.0)


Within Fuze Hub, we have focused on improving the call flow management experience and user management capabilities.


Fuze Hub 1Fuze Hub 2


Fuze Hub 3


Call Flow Management in Fuze Hub - We have added several new features to Fuze Hub to improve the administrator experience:

  • Fuze Hub administrators can now view expanded details related to their ring groups. This includes the ring group’s members and connection details. Additionally, they can change the Global Reject setting for an existing Ring Group.
  • Administrators can now search and add members to user groups by name or phone number. The user groups page displays all users and their devices with labels.
  • Administrators can now bulk replace sound files by uploading up to 25 files from their local device. Fuze Hub returns a list of matching and non-matching files across all available PBXs. Administrators can delete any files that they do not want to replace.

(Admin, Call Flows)


Zones for Locations - We have made several updates to Fuze Hub’s emergency services settings for administrators:

  • Administrators can break down locations into sub-locations (aka zones), connecting network information to dispatchable locations.
  • Administrators can use Private IP information to connect back to a dispatchable location.

(Admin, Compliance, Regulatory, Emergency Services)


New Poly and Yealink devices are now available to purchase in Fuze Hub - We have added new devices to our roster of supported hardware. Additionally, the navigation of the device purchasing page has also been improved, with new sorting and filters.

  • Poly CCX 400
  • Poly CCX 500
  • Poly CCX 600
  • Yealink T43U
  • Yealink T46U
  • Yealink T48U

(Admin, Devices, Hardware, Poly, Yealink)


FUZE DATA (Versions included in this update: 5.2)


Learn about the changes we have made to our reporting and analytics offerings within Fuze Data.


Fuze View Navigation UI - Fuze View has gotten a major overhaul including:

  • New Navigation Banner
  • Updates to Queues/Queue By Agent Views
  • Aggregate View Reports Export update
  • Blocked Calls Support
  • New Device Type Direct Routing
  • Fax Log Tooltip Update
  • Fuze Discover
  • New Dimension/Measures Added

(Data, UI, Admins, Reporting)


Fuze Reporting End-of-Life - All users who try to access “reports.fuze.com” will be automatically redirected to “data.fuze.com.” All previously scheduled reports in Fuze Reports have been disabled. (Admins, EOL)




To provide our customers with the security they require and also to remain up-to-date with industry regulations, Fuze has implemented several new practices and processes for our security features.


Emergency Location Services (Complete Overview) - In recognition of regulatory changes in the US and Canada as of January 2022, Fuze has implemented several Emergency Services updates for users in those countries designed to allow its customers and administrators to more easily manage their Emergency Service settings. These changes include:

  • 911 calls dialed through Fuze Mobile now go out via the Fuze platform.
  • Users will now be prompted to enable GPS location services for 911 calling in their app settings.
  • Users can choose to dismiss the GPS warning banner when prompted.
  • Users can check and update their current emergency address on Fuze Desktop and Web.
  • Users will be prompted to confirm or update their location when a new network connection is detected.
  • Administrators can break down locations into sub-locations (aka zones), connecting network information to dispatchable locations.
  • Administrators can use Private IP information to connect back to a dispatchable location.

(Compliance, Regulatory, Emergency Services, Ray Baum’s Act)




Fuze continues to develop new features designed around integrated technologies in order to  bring additional value to our customers through ease of use and increased productivity.


Select Calling Device & Number - The new Fuze for Teams feature allows users to change their Calling Device (App, Mobile or Other Phone) and Phone Number (for users with multiple Device IDs) directly in the Teams interface. This gives users more flexibility when placing calls while strengthening the integration between Fuze and the Teams app. (Integrations, Microsoft Teams, Calling, Users)


If you are interested in learning more about the improvements to Fuze Contact Center, Fuze for Teams, and more, check out our Platform Update announcement!

Jason Del Re
Jason Del Re

Jason is a Product Marketing Manager at Fuze. 

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