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Guarding the Galaxy with Unified Communications

August 11, 2014 by

Guarding the galaxy is hard. Especially when the guardians are comprised of a rag-tag crew of bandits and outlaws, one of whom is an anthropomorphic tree with a very limited vocabulary. For such a group to succeed, collaboration is key.

With all of that in mind, you have to assume the Guardians are big-time into unified communications. After all, UC tools are right up their alley.

Improvising to Save the Day

If there's one thing the Guardians are experts at, it's improvising. Need to escape prison? All Rocket needs are a few key parts, and maybe a prosthetic limb. Is someone lost in the vacuum of space? I'm sure Peter Quill will come up with something.

That's why it's a pretty safe bet that Peter, Rocket, and all the rest are regular UC users. UC tools are fantastic for improvising, thanks to their innate flexibility. With UC, you can keep a conversation running from one channel to the next, without any trouble. Start with a few emails, move to instant messaging, and finish up with a conference call. As circumstances change, so, too, can your main mode of communication. Need a last minute consultation while driving in a car? Or traveling by train? Or flying through space? If you have UC resources available, you'll never be out of touch or at a disadvantage.

(But try to stay out of galactic prison.)

Fight Music

Music is really important to Peter Quill. His awesome mix of '70s tunes is one of his few remaining connections to his pre-Star-Lord life, and he treasures that music like nothing else.

Unfortunately, this mix only seems to exist in the form of a single cassette tape in a Walkman. Even more unfortunately, Peter is frequently relieved of possession of this tape and his Walkman. Star-Lord subsequently - and unsurprisingly - puts his life in danger time and time again simply to reclaim his cherished music.

Without a doubt, once things settle down, Peter will take full advantage of UC and its file sharing capabilities. Then he'll be able to send his music to many different systems, ensuring he'll always have access to these invaluable songs. He can also share his songs with his new-found friends and colleagues. What better team-building exercise than a group dance-off?

Eyes on Groot

Despite being a man/tree of few words, Groot manages to communicate rather well. To a large degree, that's thanks to his (its?) inflection. But it's also thanks to his expressions.

If you want to communicate with Groot long distance, a phone call may not be your best bet. You really need to see him to catch his meaning. That's where video conferencing comes in. With video conferencing UC capabilities, Groot becomes a lot more understandable.

Do you need UC to guard the galaxy? Maybe not. But it certainly helps.

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