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Choosing the right hardware for your meeting room

September 18, 2014 by

With the new Fuze for Rooms, setting up a room is finally as easy as it should be. You can pick any combination of hardware that supports HD video and works with standard web conferencing software.

At Fuze we have some configurations that we use ourselves. For specific scenarios we recommend specific setups to deliver a quality experience and keep your hardware costs down. Here are our recommendations for small, medium and large meeting rooms paired with Fuze for Rooms.

Small Huddle Room (2-4 People)


One of the biggest benefits of Fuze for Rooms is the ability to transform a small huddle room into a connected, video-enabled productivity booster. You don’t need to put too much into these rooms - a 27” iMac with a 3.2Ghz processor provides plenty of computing power, and an additional 27” Thunderbolt display gives you one screen for content, and another for video.

The camera built into the iMac meets the needs of many huddle rooms, but if you want better picture quality or the ability to move the camera’s perspective around without adjusting your monitors, we really like the Logitech C920. It is affordable, has a nice wide field of view, mounts on a tripod, and adjusts well to environments with variable lighting.

The built in iMac mic and speakers are also sufficient for most small room needs, but the ClearOne Chat 150 is a good choice for a table-top option. It installs easily, and can be daisy-chained to additional units of the same model to extend mic range (if you have a long table in your room, for instance).


Medium Room (6-8 People)


Things get a little bigger in a larger room, with two 50” LCD displays allowing everyone in the room a view of both content and video feeds.  A Mac Mini with the Intel Core i7 processor covers your computing needs.

When it comes to camera, mic, and speakers, we really like the Logitech cc3000e system. This includes camera, mic and speakers in one system, making setup easier than if they were all separate pieces. The camera’s adjustable pan-tilt zoom and wide field of view make it ideal for large rooms, long rooms, or adjusting your camera view on the fly with the camera’s remote control.


Large Room (10-12 People)


The best setup for a larger room is similar to what we recommend for a medium room.  We still recommend the same Mac Mini along with the Logitech cc300e for your camera, speaker, and microphone needs. However, if you are in a long, narrow room, the ClearOne Chat 150 can be chained together for easily extendable microphone range.

The biggest difference between large and medium rooms comes with your displays.  You’ll need bigger screens to give more people a clear view of what’s being presented, and we recommend at least 60” LCD displays for this use. On that note - LCD displays are preferable over other display technologies if you plan to use them in an always-on capacity to generally consume less power and give your displays a longer life.

Of course, lots of different pieces of equipment will work great with Fuze software.  These are just the ones that we’ve tested and that work best for us.

If you’ve used a different setup that worked great for you, let us know in the comments.

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