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Seven Weekly Stats: Henry's Picks

August 05, 2015 by

As this is my last week at ThinkingPhones, I am doing a lot of reflecting on the wonderful time I've spent here. One of the projects that I've enjoyed most is collecting myriad stats and compiling them into a weekly post. I've seen a lot of quirky figures, cool numbers, and interesting facts, and writing these posts has changed the way that I think of not just unified communications, but also workplace dynamics, company-wide efficiency, and the evolution of technology. Here, seven of the most compelling statistics I unearthed over the course of my time at ThinkingPhones.

1. Unified communications can save 100-employee organizations up to 191 hours per day. (Digium) (Tweet this)

2. Those same 100-person companies can save up to $920,000 annually in productivity. (Digium) (Tweet this)

3. 74 percent of IT managers believe that BYOD ultimately makes employees more efficient with their day-to-day work responsibilities. (Dell) (Tweet this)

4. It takes 90 seconds to reply to an SMS message we’ve received. However, with email, it’s the average number of minutes in which we reply. (CTIA.org) (Tweet this)

5. Companies with unified communications presence can save 32 minutes per day in missed phone calls. (Tweet this)

6. Without unified messaging, workers waste more than 75 minutes daily tending to multiple communication channels such as e-mail, instant message, and voicemail. (Sage Research) (Tweet this)

7. In its first six months with a unified communications system, Southwest reduced the total time its passengers spent on hold by 410,000 hours—or 47 years. (IT Today) (Tweet this)

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