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Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn: Lodgers Provide Better Service With Unified Communications

April 12, 2015 by

Hotels are inundated with a plethora of phone calls and customers on a regular basis. Without the proper systems, it can be difficult to keep track of guests' requests and the many inquiries coming in. However, unified communications provides everything hotel employees need to give patrons premium service.

Fewer Expenses and Happier Guests

With as many inquiries and reservations as hotels receive, management needs a way to efficiently run their businesses without affecting customer service. UC solutions provides hotels with the opportunities to cut costs and increase guest satisfaction.

Through the use of mobile devices, hotel employees are available no matter where they are in the building. If visitors need something, workers will be able to be reached immediately and can fulfill guests' requests without returning to the front desk, according to Limotta IT. By having everything they need on hand, from schedules to hotel information, employees can ensure clients enjoy their stay.

Unified communications also cuts costs for both the hotel and its guests. Through the implementation of VoIP, long-distance calling charges are reduced up to 80 percent, Network World explained. This is especially important for business clients, as they need access to their contacts. The Seaport Hotel in Boston utilizes a service-oriented structure that combines Internet and telephone, which provides users with easy access to hotel services as well as outside calls, according to InformationWeek.

Everything Guests Need at Their Fingertips

For the most part, hotel visitors can be divided into two categories: businessmen and vacationers. Either way, they need access to Wi-Fi and everything it offers. Unified communications can provide them with anything they need, from a telephone to a virtual concierge.

Since 2007, the Seaport Hotel has had an in-room service that allows guests to access all their needs with a finger, using the touch-screen TVs the hotel provides. SeaPortal, the company's web portal, permits users to see an events calendar, explore their surroundings, access their email, and make phone calls, according to Network World. The customer-friendly technology works simultaneously with the Seaport's property management system to personalize each room's SeaPortal. The devices also come equipped with USB ports, as well as wireless keyboards and mice, InformationWeek reported. This is especially useful for businessmen as they utilize its Web services and external ports to open their work right on the device and leave their laptops at home.

The calling feature on the SeaPortal connects guests to both hotel services and the outside world. An in-house phone serves as the middleman between the customers and whomever they're calling. By tapping one button on the Web system, the room's phone will ring and connect them with the hotel personnel, while another one will put them in contact with outside recipients via a VoIP system, according to the source.

UCaaS provides hotel staff with a way to offer quality customer service. Through VoIP, the Internet, and descriptions of the area, guests receive everything they could need from the comfort of their hotel room.

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