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How Can Unified Communications Prepare Businesses for Future Generations?

July 30, 2015 by

Millennials are at the center of today's tech-savvy society. They started coming of age during a time where technology was gaining in popularity. They want their day-to-day lives to be efficient and cost-effective, and they expect their employers to be the same. Cloud-based unified communications solutions can help companies have processes and systems in place that attract younger generations' attention.

Appealing to Younger Workers

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, Generation Y will comprise 50 percent of the workforce in the next five years. That number will jump to 75 percent by 2025. With the majority of older employees retiring in the next decade, there will be plenty of open positions that will require young blood. However, that doesn't mean all of them will appeal to millennials. To stay relevant, companies will need to update their communications systems and workflows to get the younger crowd on board.

Gen Y grew up with a different work style than their parents and grandparents. They have become reliant on having technology in their lives, which means their future jobs will reflect that. Millennials communicate differently than their older counterparts, Tech Radar explained. They aren't likely to pick up the phone and call someone. Texting, instant messaging, email, and video conferencing provide them with much more enticing options. They need variety that will allow them to hold various conversations with multiple people at one time.

They also need the flexibility that only UC solutions can offer. With the combination of all those communication tools available on one platform, millennials can work from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. They always have access to some sort of technology, whether it's their smartphones or their laptops. Gen Y wants to be able to use those gadgets for work-related purposes.

If companies hope to attract the younger workers' eyes, they will have to ensure they are operating on up-to-date networks. UC will give them the tools they need, while a cloud-based service ensures all files and solutions are accessible from anywhere. ThinkingPhones' UC solution combines voice, instant messaging, email, and video conference software to create a unified experience.

Preparing for Future Employees

Of course, millennials aren't the only ones businesses need to prepare for. They may be the ones entering the workforce at the present time, but in the next decade, Generation Z will follow. They're even more tech-savvy than their other lettered counterparts, No Jitter claimed. They've been playing with smartphones and tablets since before they could speak. With the oldest barely in their late teens, Gen Z doesn't know a world without technology.

Once they reach the working environment, Gen Z will require even more consistency, unification, flexibility, and communication than their Gen Y predecessors. They already play a large role in influencing their technological household purchases, according to the source. They're more knowledgeable than their parents and potentially older siblings. Gen Z also isn't trying to make newer technology fit in with their previous perceptions. They don't have other experiences to compare them to.

Gen Z will expect even more out of their communications tools than businesses now have. UC solutions will provide them with what they need. Instant messaging for business, video and audio conferencing, the cloud, and mobile convergence will be at the height of their requirements. While working from home is currently a nice benefit to have, it will be an expectation when the younger groups enter their industries.

With the abundance of mobile applications and communications methods millennials and Gen Z have grown up with, they'll expect to have the same access to those tools in the working world. Businesses can get a head start on their competition by implementing UC now.

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