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How Does Hollywood Utilize Unified Communications?

June 08, 2015 by

The stars, the glamour, the fame - it's all part of the territory when one works in Hollywood. Actors and actresses become the faces of the industry and appeal to their fans. Meanwhile, there are teams behind the scenes that make their success possible. Scriptwriters, directors, producers, and film crews ensure that the movies and TV shows being filmed are the best they can be to attract audiences. To do that, these groups need the proper tools, and unified communications provides them with everything they need.

Producing the Content

Behind every movie or TV show is a great production crew and a well-written script. However, those things wouldn't be possible without UC solutions. Teamwork is key, and collaborative programs are needed to ensure the efficiency of everyone involved. Video conferencing, email, and cloud-based services simplify the workflow and give people the capability to communicate and access all necessary documents.

That well-written script doesn't start off as outstanding as the end product is. It requires a lot of trial and error and discussion between all members of the team. This is where core communications tools such as instant messaging, audio conferencing, and desktop sharing come into play, Network Computing explained. People both inside the building and off-site need to have access to the same files and communications to be able to contribute. With a cloud-based system that documents every message sent, they'll be able to talk with one another and go back and read what was decided, as well as the context in which the choice was made.

Some UC solutions even have tools that can record any voice or video conversations. With this program, everything can be referred back to. Notes aren't always the best references, so having this option ensures that any discussions and decisions can be listened to in the same order that they were originally made. Any documentation can go toward training, further refinement of agreements, and reviews.

Sharing Content During Final Edits

Film shoots can be all over the globe, but headquarters are usually based in Hollywood. Because of the wide range of locations, entertainment companies need efficient methods to record and transmit footage. UC solutions, such as presence, instant messaging for business, and conferencing, give directors and producers the ability to communicate with one another and make decisions immediately, according to Business Cloud News.

Part of the problem with multiple filming locations is that all the people and companies involved with the movie or TV show are scattered across the globe. This requires the communication tools to be widely and easily accessible to any involved. A cloud service allows for easy transmission of files from one person on-site to another off-site, the source explained. Originally, the information had to be physically transferred from one location to another, but the cloud streamlines that process and makes files available almost instantaneously.

The longer and more involved the production process is, the more money filming will cost. UC solutions not only reduces the expenses but ensures that shooting and editing go smoothly and quickly.

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