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Winter is Coming...and so is the Cloud. How is your IT team driving value in a cloud-first world?

July 20, 2017 by Mark Haase

As enterprise applications move rapidly to the cloud, the role of IT is changing just as fast. According to McKinsey by 2018, only 43% of enterprises will be using traditionally built IT infrastructure (down from 77% in 2015). The migration to the cloud is also accelerating the “death” of managing private MPLS networks. The bottom line is that there’s less to build and manage - the model is shifting from construct to consume. IT needs to be able to adapt and deliver value in new ways as this shift accelerates.


At Fuze, we believe that IT plays a crucial role not only in identifying the right cloud service for the business, but also in driving a successful deployment of the right cloud service. We help IT execute successful deployment plans by delivering key tools that they can use to drive adoption, customize the experience, and provide amazing end user support.


Here’s how we team together:


User Adoption

Cloud-savvy enterprises realize significant benefits from the cloud. According to McKinsey, leaders in cloud adoption provision services 50% faster and realize greater cost savings (40-50% vs. 20-30%) than the average enterprise.


But can you realize these benefits if employees aren’t adopting the new cloud services? A lack of effective communication and education combined with technology issues can quickly derail and prolong widespread adoption. IT, with knowledge of the business and technical landscape, is primed to be the subject matter expert to usher people to the cloud.


  • On-boarding: Our Hub is a web application that allows you to quickly manage your employees’ services. Easily add a new service (e.g. video collaboration), change a user’s profile, reset a password, or add a phone in a matter of seconds.
  • Monitoring Adoption: With Fuze Data, query to see which users are active - on calls, meetings, etc. - and which ones may need that “friendly reminder” email.
  • Training: Take advantage of the educational assets and user guides within the Support Community and curate them for your users. If you’re a software-only company, then ditch the phone guides and get Fuze desktop and mobile docs to your users.
  • Communication: Our most successful customers have leveraged multiple communication touch points including emails, posters, training days, etc. to ensure employees adopt the new tools. For more tips on adoption, check out our whitepaper of best practices on the topic.

Customizations and Data Management

Every enterprise has a unique set of needs. Key performance indicators (KPIs) for a business in manufacturing (for example) may be vastly different than another company’s KPIs in the same industry. IT can extract data and display the relevant internal metrics to key stakeholders within the business. For example, a dashboard in a BI tool (e.g. Qlik, Tableau, etc.) or a custom wallboard in the support center. With multiple cloud applications in place, IT can provide tremendous value by integrating data from these disparate cloud systems and delivering key insights across the business.


Another way to drive value is to customize the experience with APIs, making your users significantly more productive. For example, salespeople who eat, breathe, and sleep in your CRM system may benefit from having telephony living within the CRM as well. Leveraging things like click-to-call APIs can allow sales to save time “clicking for dollars” instead of dialing.


  • Data Integration: The Fuze Data API makes it easy to extract data from our platform. With >75% of global enterprises expanding their investment in Big Data, we know how important it is for you to include your communications and interactions into you data strategy.
  • Systems Integration: The Synapse API exposes core telephony functionality like click-to-call and call control features. Our own computer telephony integrations (CTI) for Salesforce and Zendesk use these APIs.
  • Customization Acceleration: Our Professional Services team can augment your team or fill in skills gaps. We’ve built many custom apps, wallboards, and integrations alongside IT to increase productivity.


End User Support

IT has better knowledge of the inner workings of the enterprise than any cloud service provider. There’s no better organization to provide the highest level of support to your people.

  • Performance Monitoring: Fuze Health provides visibility into real-time endpoint status like who’s online/offline, network stats, proactive alerts, and call quality stats.



We are a 100% cloud company, and with thousands of enterprise deployments under our belts, we know the most successful deployments include a tight partnership with the IT organization. As an IT leader, you must first realize the paradigm shift from build to buy and start to implement the right levers to drive new value. As you continue your path to the cloud, make sure that your partners are able to help you execute and deliver on a great user experience.


Mark Haase
Mark Haase

Mark is a senior product manager at Fuze. He has 10+ years of experience in the UCaaS space; he is responsible for Fuze's Data, Analytics, and UC Health products.

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