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How We Hire At Fuze

March 18, 2014 by

How we hire at Fuze.

As a rapid-growth organization one of our biggest challenges is discovering people who can help us on our journey to redefine professional communication and collaboration. This week we had five new employees start, by the end of the month there will be 13, and if you visit our job site right now, you’ll find 25 positions open across the US, from Palo Alto to New York.

The talent pool today is as vast as the fibers that lay internet cable across the globe. We encourage anyone, anywhere to apply. While we may need you to relocate a bit closer, we never turn down a potential candidate based on resume address. True talent lies in your energy and ideas no matter where you wake up. Today’s workplace can be anyplace: your car, home office, a subway station or co-working office, and using Fuze for all our video communication means work moves with you, whether you are in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Seattle, New York, London or Bulgaria.

What sort of people do we look for?

Passionate Our employees all share a crazy, passionate belief that we are transforming the future of communication. This comes from an understanding that good things, really good things, take dedication and collaboration. Everyone here has a sense that we are doing something significant, and without each member we wouldn’t be able to build as efficiently and innovatively as we can.

Builders At Fuze, even if you aren’t coding, you’re contributing to the product every day. Engineers influence our marketing strategy, members of our finance team share ideas about improving a feature. We welcome ideas from everywhere. Many of our best ideas come from the outside: our customers. Every user, every customer and every employee is a valuable asset to building a world-class product. When we find passionate people to join our company, they all recognise they are going to play a much bigger role than the department they fall in, or the skills listed on their resume.

Collaborative Fuze as a whole operates on principles of openness and transparency. “Working out loud” is critical to moving fast. Using shared collaboration spaces, both online and in physical space like the office, means we have the chance to meet and learn from everyone in the company - even, and especially, those we are not expected to work directly with.

A group of fuzers enjoying catered lunch on friday

Above all, we value collaborativeness. We hire people who possess the readiness to contribute and the flexibility to change course and dip and swerve with us.

How do we find our perfect match? Finding valuable talent who share our beliefs takes more than matching a resume, it takes a real human connection. We use Fuze constantly in the hiring process to help us better understand the person behind the LinkedIn profile. Video interviews enable us to reach literally anywhere with an internet connection, without ever leaving our desks. Obviously this provides significant cost and time savings, yet it goes far above a telephone call which provides the same cost benefits. Video provides a window into someone’s style, personality and demeanor that can’t be captured without seeing them.

Dane Loyola started at Fuze this week on the Customer Success team, “Interviewing using Fuze allowed me to connect with the hiring manager on a completely different level even before stepping into the office. I was able to quickly get a good sense of who I'd be working with and it also gave me a better opportunity to show her the same, without the suspense of hiding behind the phone. I always find it comforting putting a face to a voice.”

Being able to really see future employees allows us to see how they present themselves, and what they are all about - and vice versa.

Ready to go “all in”? Fuze offer free stretch yoga sessions, beer in the fridge and unlimited vacation policy, but that’s not why you’ll want to work for us. We’ve found the most inspired, talented people join companies today because they offer the chance to make an impact - not for the steady stream of snacks, ping-pong table or fancy perks provided. You’ll want to put your energy and ideas into action and watch something you have a major hand in, grow and shape the future. We strive to create simple, natural face-to-face interactions - from anywhere, anytime - and look for people who are excited about getting there with us.

Ready to go all in with your career?

Come join us!

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