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Introducing Fuze Customer Success.

July 28, 2014 by

[Part 1 of 2 part series on Customer Success.]

So you’ve just bought a product that helps you visually collaborate and communicate. Now what? Enter the Customer Success Manager (CSM) — the person who gets giddy whenever you say the word “deployment”.

What you thought was going to be an overwhelming morass of a project actually seems like smooth sailing when you have a CSM to help navigate an enterprise software rollout. All of a sudden you find yourself wanting to go to yoga after work to keep this great feeling going!

In order to demystify the CSM and shed light on what makes Fuze Customer Success uniquely us, Cat Avendano shares with us this two-part series on Customer Success.




Personally, my favorite part of the job is sitting down with customers, listening to what problems they are trying to solve, unravelling the nuances of their unique organizational culture and business process, and figuring out the best plan for them that creates impact. Listening skills are critical.

Our job, and Fuze itself, takes an overwhelmingly consultative approach. We value our team’s completely different backgrounds, living different experiences so we can come up with creative, human strategies for our customers who also come from all walks of life.

We’re the “people” people not the “product” people.

For us, people are just as important as the product. A CSM takes the strategic 'baton' immediately after you've purchased Fuze licenses to ensure organizations understand the implications of rolling out video, while taking into consideration their cultural propensity to make change. We make sure you have an ear for support and a guide for how to use the product that is a real person - not just a pdf.

Fuze CSM team on meeting

Being “people” people means breaking down the buzzwords, so when you unwrap the “disruptive” technology and “revolutionary” UI (words that are tossed around in the Valley like rice at a wedding) you’ve got a coach who has done it many times before, and can help maximize the return on your investment, fast.

We bridge the gap between those that build the product and those that use it.

While the Product team is deeply focused on the user experience, and Sales is often focused on the broader needs of an organization, neither teams are exposed as closely as a CSM is to real-time feedback on both an individual and organizational level. Being able to have an eye for both the forest (organization) and the trees (individual users), CSMs are able to report back on experiences at both levels. This directly impacts our design by delivering important frontline feedback to Product.

Our Green Room feature is one of the best examples of this: it was the result of many users expressing their colleagues’ discomfort appearing on camera. The needs of companies of all shapes and sizes are unique, and without the Customer Success team, we wouldn’t be able to acknowledge and respond quickly to those needs.

Fuze CSM team on meeting

While we’re confident in how simple it is to roll out our product, there is no “on” button with enterprise technology because you are dealing with humans and change. You need a real person to introduce and encourage your employees to adopt new ways of working, and as CSMs, we’re all about that.

And snacks. We’re definitely all about that too.

CSM Team at Fuze

Here's a little bit about the members of our Customer Engagement Team.

1. Paul Fennell helped to implement interactive digital media environments as Experience Engineer for software provider Industry Weapon before becoming a passionate customer advocate and deployment sherpa for Fuze.

2. Lacey Butler before becoming a member of the Fuzerati, Lacey was a member of Yammer's Enterprise Strategy team -- and brings her customer communication prowess and passionate user-focused approach to her role as Release Communications Manager.

3. Julia Schnugg explored San Francisco's financial and advertising sectors as a Research Assistant at a hedge fund and Senior Technical Account Manager at a digital market research firm, respectively. In a quest to be even deeper engrained in relationship building and achieving customer business objectives in the software industry, Julia applied with feverish desire to be a part of the Fuze Customer Success Team.

4. Moxxy Schoeffler is the veteran of the Customer Engagement team with a near three-year tenure at Fuze. She spends most, if not all, of her time dreaming up engaging ways to educate clients and Fuzers as our Manager of FuzeLearning.

5. Dane Loyola was previously a CSM at C9 Inc. and Lyris. Dane joined the Fuze Customer Engagement team to help make an impact on it’s customer base by focusing on deployment, growth strategy, and best practices.

6. Catherine Avendano worked in education for nearly a decade, running non profit organizations focused on social justice and higher education access for underrepresented communities. She made the transition to startup tech by joining Readyforce when the company was under 20 people, and she cut her teeth building process, tools, and service methodology as one of their first Client Success Managers.

7. Lizzy Wilmarth spent two years on the Fuze sales team, focusing on bringing our product to the Higher Ed industry. Now, she brings her natural enthusiasm and interest in people to the engagement side of the Fuze experience.

8. Colette Hinckley is thrilled to be leading Fuze's Customer Engagement team and working so closely with this talented group of CSMs, Trainers, and Release Managers. Prior to joining Fuze, Colette learned the CSM trade at Yammer. It wasn't long before she realized how much she loved helping organizations -- of all shapes and sizes -- communicate more effectively.

 Learn more with our Customer Success team and how to get started with Fuze with our engaging videos and guides.

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