IT Game Changers: Leading A New Age of Workplace Transformation

April 24, 2018 by Keith Johnson

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Between changing attitudes towards the nature of work, and the evolving tools that power it, many businesses are in the middle of the most significant transformation in recent history. The parameters which have traditionally defined “work” – the 9-5, office spaces, etc. – have become irrelevant as employees embrace work as something one does, not a place one goes. All the while, business leaders have been tasked with juggling these shifting expectations with new, strategic IT spend. Leading CIOs and their teams suddenly find themselves in the limelight, moving the organizations from support staff to critical drivers of business growth.


Enter the Game Changers. Determined to champion the future of workplace collaboration, these IT leaders are powering teams with the tools needed to succeed in a digital economy. Understanding what it takes to support an increasingly diverse workforce, each with their own individual preferences, they’re preparing the entire business for the challenges and opportunities that are facing modern workplaces. Working side-by-side across the c-suite, they’re taking a cloud-first approach to enabling greater productivity and efficiency.


But, every business is unique. What it means to embrace the future of work may vary based on factors such as existing infrastructure or traditional collaboration practices. To get a more personal understanding of how businesses are tackling digital transformation, we sat down with 12 IT Game Changers to hear their stories. During these conversations, we talked about what drove them towards the cloud, the successes they’ve seen since, and advice for other CIOs contemplating their own digital transformation strategy. You can find those insights here, in the latest report from Fuze.


We’ve also launched and Infographic, “How CIOs are Driving Digital Transformation for Their Business,” outlining the challenges and opportunities for CIOs today when it comes to driving revenue growth and contributing to overall business success. View the full graphic, here.


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Stay tuned for more insight from the IT Game Changers, in our upcoming blog “5 Tips from Game Changing CIOs,” and check out our Game Changers page to find out what type of IT Game Changer you are.


Keith Johnson
Keith Johnson

As Chief Technology Officer, Keith leads innovation and differentiation strategy for Fuze’s product portfolio. He brings to the organization a tremendous amount of product expertise and thought leadership, with over 20 years of related experience. Keith holds a BSE in Civil Engineering and Operations Research from Princeton University.

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