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Just Add UC: 4 Ways to Instantly Increase Your Efficiency

May 07, 2015 by

We've all struggled with productivity at work. There are too many emails to answer, too many meetings to attend, and too many calls to make. These could all be from different accounts, different locations, and different numbers. It can be stressful. What if you could get all your information on one device, one account, one number?

With unified communications, you can.

UC enables you to access all forms of contact from one apparatus. You can send all calls, emails, and instant messages to one location so you can get to them easily. With everything you could need at hand, your productivity at work can only increase.

1. Give Clients More Access to Your Company There are a plethora of communication methods out there and, most likely, your customers prefer one over another. UCaaS allows them to contact you and know they'll get a response immediately. No longer will they have to wonder if you got their email or call. Your response time could make or break your deal, Howard Lichtman, founder of the Human Productivity Lab, told Natalie Burg of Unify for Forbes. With all your accounts on one device, you'll be more available to help, creating goodwill from your consumers.

2. Open Up Your Hiring Process When you're limited to one location, your talent pool is small. However, with unified communications, you can hire employees from anywhere. UC provides employees with the opportunity to work remotely. With video conferencing and VoIP, communication between employers and their staff increases dramatically, as opposed to strictly phone and email. The option to work from home attracts a bigger hiring pool to choose the best talent from, Scott McCool, CIO at Polycom, explained for Entrepreneur.

3. Simplify the Work Environment It can be a hassle to have to switch from one device to another or open different applications to obtain data. UC combines everything onto one platform for easy access. No longer are employees the "middleware software" having to sift through all apps and devices for information, according to Burg. This allows companies to communicate better with their employees and clients since it provides various ways to stay in contact all in one place.

4. Provide an Option to be Remote While it's nice to experience the feel of a work environment, it's also pleasant to accomplish tasks from the comfort of your couch. UC gives employees the opportunity to work from anywhere all while maintaining the same amount of communication. With mobile devices, such as tablets and laptops, workers can stay away from the office, online marketing manager Shannon Belew wrote for Entrepreneur. If your workers are comfortable, they're more likely to get things done.

Unified communications gives both employees and employers the chance to work outside the office while still remaining in contact with the people they need to. When they aren't confined to a desk all day, your workers can be much more productive from an environment they're comfortable in.

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