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Lighting a Teamwork Fuze for a Good Cause

July 22, 2015 by

On Friday, July 17, in San Francisco’s Union Square, seven members of our Fuze team came together to participate in the 8th Annual Go For Good corporate team-building scavenger hunt competition against other companies like Betts Recruiting, United Airlines and Quorum Consulting. All proceeds from the friendly competition went to San Francisco-based nonprofit, Real Options for City Kids (R.O.C.K.), which supports local youth development. Our Fuze team, facetiously named reFUZE to Lose, arrived excited and ready to play. Read on for a roundup of the day’s festivities!

The event began with a debrief of the rules and game overview for the assembled teams. Each team received a lunchbox with a map of Union Square and an iPhone programed with the game. There was no need for a gunshot to signal the start of the game as all teams enthusiastically ran out of the meeting venue to start our first mission.

"It was an awesome way to get a little crazy, have fun, and support a great cause!" Jenny Wong, CPA at Fuze
Fuze participates in team-building event.

Our reFUZE to Lose team had a blast running around – dodging shoppers and tourists – answering scavenger hunt questions, posing for wacky team photos for bonus points, engaging in a rap battle and dance off with competing teams, and even leaving a nice note on the windshield of a stranger’s car. The challenge highlight was reenacting a famous movie scene using only our thumbs to act! We couldn’t stop laughing as we flawlessly recreated Keanu Reeves’ famous bullet-dodge from The Matrix with some talented thumbs. Your typical Friday afternoon, right?

Fuze participates in team-building event.

When the game was over, all teams reconvened at the event headquarters to mingle, throw a few drinks back and nosh on pizza. The game emcee showcased team video and photo submissions for everyone to vote on. The energy was high and the laughter was loud as teams watched the work of their competitors – and themselves. reFUZE to Lose got a welcome surprise at being named the winner for the second year in a row! It truly was an honor to participate in a such a great event that so generously benefits R.O.C.K., but we aren’t going to lie: after running around and sweating for a couple of hours, being crowned the winners did feel pretty special! And we got a nifty trophy to take back to the office.

“The R.O.C.K Event was amazing! It gave our team a great chance to bond with some unique challenges...including an dance off and rap battle. It was great to way to have fun and support a great cause. We can't wait to defend the title next year!” – Kelly Irlbeck, Controller at Fuze
If you are looking for a fun team-building event supporting a great cause, or to learn more about R.O.C.K. and future events, click here.

Fuze participates in team-building event.

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