The Line-up: Our Expert Speakers at Flex Summit

April 11, 2019 by Amanda Maksymiw

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This June, Flex Summit will gather visionaries across technology, HR, operations, and management to discuss best practices in the future of distributed work. The event will dive into topics like productivity, AI, and flexible work, while giving attendees the opportunity to network with a group of like-minded game changers and thought leaders. 


Flex wouldn’t be complete, however, without a powerful selection of globally-recognized experts to take the stage and share their experiences and insights on how to prepare businesses for a world where work is not a place, but an action. Throughout the daylong event, these forward-thinking leaders will transform your definition of “work” and leave you feeling inspired to transform your own business. 

Some of the can’t-miss Flex speakers include:

  • Dr. Alaa Murabit, High-Level Commissioner, United Nations

    • Alaa is the only UN high-level commissioner under 45 and founded the Voice of Libyan Women, a nonprofit aimed at empowering those caught in conflict in her home country. She received the Nelson Mandela International Changemaker Award and was named to the Forbes Healthcare 30 Under 30.

  • Pavel Murnikov, Vice President of Technology and Media Networks, Activision Blizzard

    • As VP of technology and media networks for Activision Blizzard, the creator of Call of Duty and Candy Crush Saga, Pavel’s work pushes the boundaries of e-sports fan engagement with online competition, rich media delivery, and interactive watch experiences.

  • Elizabeth Kiehner, Global Leader and Design Principal, IBM

    • Elizabeth leads a global, cross sector team responsible for C-suite engagement and business development at IBM. For two decades, she has united creative, business, and technology teams to produce ground-breaking ideas for organizations including Google, Microsoft, American Express, Apple, GE, and many more.

  • Rossitza “Rosie” Kotelova, Lead of Smart Behaviors Group, Piaggio Fast Forward

    • At PFF, Rosie leads a multidisciplinary team of designers and engineers focusing on research, design, and development of human-robot interaction behaviors. She joined PFF in 2015 after graduating from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and is one of the founding team members that invented the intelligent mobile carrier, gita®.

  • Ryan Merkley, CEO, Creative Commons

    • Ryan is focused on building a vibrant, usable commons powered by collaboration and gratitude. He is also the co-producer and host of Plays Well With Others, a podcast about the art, science, and mechanics of collaboration.

  • Sophie Wade, founder, Flexcel Networks

    • Sophie Wade is author of Embracing Progress: Next Steps for the Future of Work, an Executive MBA Program and management leadership textbook, and the founder and workforce innovation specialist at Flexcel Network, a future of work-focused consultancy.

  • Michael Hopkins, Co-founder, The Solo Project

    • Michael, former editor-in-chief of MIT Sloan Management Review and former executive editor at Inc. Magazine, is an award-winning writer who illuminates the rapidly emerging future of work. He is the co-founder of The Solo Project, a team exploring the end days of the “job” as we know it.

  • Tom Cheesewright, Applied Futurist and Founder, Book of the Future

    • As an applied futurist, Tom helps people and organizations around the world to see what’s next and is a frequent presence on TV and radio, explaining today’s world of high frequency change and the technology that drives it. His book, High Frequency Change, will be published in 2019.


A day packed with panel discussions, case studies, and keynote sessions from these inspiring leaders makes Flex an event you can’t afford to miss. But don’t just take it from us! Elizabeth Kiehner, global leader and design principal at IBM shares, “As the future of work continues to evolve, technology will remain at the core of our lives empowering us with more flexibility than ever before. I’m excited to be included amongst these industry experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities that exist today and the ways we can enable business leaders to implement new strategies that usher in a new understanding of how we work.”


Want to join us for a day full of strategy, connection, and motivation? Get your tickets to Flex online today by visiting

Amanda Maksymiw
Amanda Maksymiw

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