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Lose the End of the Summer Blues with Fuze

September 03, 2015 by

Summertime is winding down. You’ve hopefully gone on a few memorable getaways, enjoyed the warm weather, barbecuing and some general R&R. But as the days get shorter, we must all face the prospect of returning to a more normal work routine and getting ready for a busy fall.

Preparing yourself for the end of summer doesn’t have to be a bad thing! We here at Fuze pride ourselves in helping you get your work done with our stellar real-time collaboration solutions. With all that efficiency, we take care of the actual “work” part of easing back in, but we realize mentally preparing yourself for work mode is equally important.

Read on for a list of our top Fuze tips for beating the end of the summer blues at work.

beating summertime blues with fuze

Treat yourself. We know this may seem like you are bribing yourself to get back into work mode, but a little pampering never hurt. You can give your wardrobe a little boost, then show it off by updating your photo in Fuze. A new office supply or desk toy is an inexpensive way to brighten your workspace as well. If you are the ultimate planner, booking your next little getaway will give you something to look forward to as you get back in to your 9–5 routine.

Connect with colleagues. Set up some Fuze meetings right away to reconnect with your colleagues. Start new projects or get updates/refreshes on current projects to feel up to speed on what’s been happening business-wise while you were on vacation. Face-to-face Fuze connections are especially helpful for remote workers who may feel like they are missing out on the bustling office environment.

Make your meetings productive. Sounds pretty obvious, right? However, you might be shocked to learn that according to a CNBC survey, 67% of all meetings are deemed unproductive. The reality is the majority of our work life involves meetings. And those meetings can feel like a chore. Fuze will help you collaborate and meet in an effective and intuitive way. Make your meetings count, and you’ll feel stimulated and engaged as you get back to work.

beating summertime blues with fuze

Be inspired. Feeling like you’re in a rut is a one-way ticket to day-dreaming at your desk. It may be funny for a character on a sitcom to do, but we are pretty sure your boss won’t find it too hilarious. Inspiration can bloom from many sources: try learning a new skill, subscribe to different newsletters or attend an upcoming industry conference, if you can. You don’t even have to venture very far for a creative spark: try connecting with colleagues in different departments (or via Fuze for remote coworkers) to broaden your company knowledge or to find a mentor for inspiration.

Plan a happy hour (or two) with the team. OK, we know it’s not Bora Bora, but relaxing with your team after a hard day at work will give you back some of those summertime feels. Happy hours with colleagues will not only help you unwind after a busy day of Fuze meetings and content creation, it will also help in strengthening your team bond. Blending a little work and play will keep the end of the summer blues away!

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