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To Maximize Communication, UC Integration Is Essential

December 21, 2015 by Valerie Meffert

In order to remain competitive, businesses in every industry need to make communication a top-level priority. This may seem like it goes without saying, but the fact of the matter is that many companies continue to only put forth modest efforts in this area. It's one thing for firm leaders to claim that communication is important for the organization, but it's quite another to actually put the related concepts into practice.

The implementation of unified communications solutions is one obvious step in the right direction when it comes to prioritizing communication. However, this alone is not sufficient. To really improve communication throughout the enterprise, it's essential for company leaders to choose and deploy the right UC offering. And a key factor in making this choice should be integration. A well-integrated UC platform will offer far more value and utility than a more siloed solution.

Integration Advantages

There are a number of reasons why an integrated UC solution can prove so useful for companies' communication goals. For one thing, there's the simple fact that such a setup makes it easier for workers to access all of the specific tools and features they may need when engaging with clients or one another. With integration, it is even possible for personnel to switch between various communication channels within the course of a single conversation.

For example, it may be useful to supplement a voice-based conversation with screen sharing in order to demonstrate a concept to a client. If these solutions are disconnected, it may be time-consuming and unduly complicated to launch a screen share. This can undermine the effectiveness of the engagement. Just as importantly, personnel may decide that it is not worth the effort to attempt such a multi-channel approach, even at times when another medium would undoubtedly prove useful. Employees, even dedicated ones, will often choose the path of least resistance. Integrated UC platforms can make these paths smooth, while disjointed UC tools pose a much bigger obstacle to genuine unified communication performance.

By making it simple and easy for workers to switch and choose between communication channels at will, business leaders can significantly improve collaboration and productivity across the board. Communication becomes more efficient when personnel are free to select the medium they think will work best not just for a given interaction, but even for a specific component of a broader conversation.

Beyond the obvious business benefits that accompany such capabilities, this level of integration will also have a powerful impact on employee satisfaction rates. Workers are happy when they have access to the tools they need to maximize their job success. By providing the workforce with a UC platform that is highly integrated and intuitive, leaders will make employees feel they have the support they need to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. That will have a major, positive influence on employee retention rates for years to come.

Insight Enabled

Another key value benefit of a highly integrated UC solution is the potential for useful insight. Specifically, business leaders will learn a lot more about how their employees operate on a day-to-day basis. By examining UC usage, decision-makers can make better choices regarding scheduling, resource allotment, necessary IT upgrades and much more.

And while analytics can deliver a lot of this insight even without a high level of integration, the data revealed may not tell the whole story. After all, as mentioned above, employees may choose not to use certain features due to the difficulty of switching between channels, as opposed to simply having no interest in those offerings. Integration combined with analytics will deliver the complete picture.

Valerie Meffert
Valerie Meffert

Having written for companies ranging from MTV and CBS to the Winter Olympic Games and Reuters, Valerie heads up ThinkingPhones' communications and PR machine. At the risk of dating herself, she'd like to point out that her MTV tenure occurred during the Carson Daly era—she takes no credit (nor blame) for "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila." A resident of Park City, UT, Valerie enjoys the four things her town is most famous for: hiking, skiing, film festivals, and weak beer.

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