Meet and Repeat: Scheduling Recurring Meetings in Fuze

August 03, 2015 by

Fuze was designed to be flexible for the way you work. For most teams, each work day is completely different with new challenges and priorities. You might need an Instant Meeting for a brief project check-in one day, then a design kickoff meeting scheduled later in the week with several teammates. Meetings happen, and on many occasions, the same meeting needs to happen regularly.


There are several ways to have recurring Fuze meetings. The most straightforward way is to simply schedule a meeting in Fuze and then reuse the meeting ID for future meetings. You see, meeting IDs are unique and persistent, meaning they can each be used as an ongoing, virtual meeting for a team or project. Just cut and paste the meeting details into a recurring meeting invitation in any calendar app.


For those using Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar, we have integrations that automate the process. Spend less time scheduling your meetings, so you can spend more time preparing for them. Those lolcat memes aren’t going to add themselves to your presentation deck, after all.


Google Calendar Chrome Extension We know Google users depend on it’s simplicity and ease of use, and our Chrome extension for Google Calendar makes scheduling Fuze meetings a breeze. To start, visit the Chrome Web Store and search for “Fuze Chrome Extension.” Download, and you’re ready to go!


Now that you have the extension, any meeting scheduled through your Google Calendar can become a Fuze meeting with just one click. When scheduling, simply click on “Make it a Fuze meeting” underneath the “Where” field and Fuze generates a unique meeting ID. To make your meeting recurring, click the “Repeat…” option and set your preferred meeting cadence. Join your meeting directly from your Google Calendar, your Fuze app or browser.


Microsoft Outlook Add-In (For Windows Only)


Install Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime (if not already installed) on your PC. Next, download the latest Fuze for Windows application. When you open Microsoft Outlook you should see the Fuze “Meet Now” scheduler on the application ribbon.


When scheduling your Fuze meetings, use the “Recurrence” button to set the schedule you need. Once you click “Send,” you and your attendees will have your recurring meeting all set up. When it’s time for your meeting, simply launch Fuze directly from your Outlook calendar or join from any device with the Meeting ID.


A Note-able Feature


Another bonus to recurring meetings is reusing your Fuze Notes. No need to keep another tab open to take notes on or scribbling down minutes in a physical notebook. No more searching for the notes and action items from the last meeting. Each time you launch your meeting, your notes are there, right where you left them.


Whether your recurring meeting is scheduled through Outlook or Google, and you join via any device, we know we’ve got you covered. You can depend on our stellar HD audio/video, screen share and collaboration tools to get your work done, together. And we think that’s pretty special.


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