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Meet Fuze, the New ThinkingPhones

February 09, 2016 by Steve Kokinos

Over the past year, we have transformed our company. We hired more than 400 people in 2015, significantly broadened our product portfolio, and grew our revenues by more than 150%. In November, we acquired Fuze and welcomed their team to the ThinkingPhones family, adding cloud-based video conferencing and web collaboration tools to benefit our customers.

Flash forward to the present. I’m excited to announce that ThinkingPhones has rebranded our entire organization as Fuze, taking the name of the company we acquired last year. Our new company name, Fuze, removes the limitations of “ThinkingPhones” and provides a name suggestive of our vision—a unified platform that seamlessly “fuzes” voice, video, and collaboration.

I am also pleased to share news of our latest funding round of $112 million, led by Summit Partners. Thanks to a dynamic, committed team that can translate customer needs into business success, and with the support of our investor partners who see the large market opportunity ahead of us, this capital will allow us to continue global expansion and accelerate product innovation and leadership.

We’re proud of these accomplishments, particularly at a time when we’re poised to shake up the business communications industry by offering new alternatives to hardware-dense solutions. Our unified platform marries voice, text, messaging, collaboration, and video to make communication meaningful and collaboration authentic—all while providing real-time insights that help you work smarter, backed by technology that is intuitive to the individual. This all goes a long way towards making work enjoyable and productive.

Our goal is to lighten the load of today’s managers and knowledge workers—to keep things easy, so that the real focus becomes the quality of output a team can drive together. We’re navigating uncharted territory, saying “yes” to new opportunities for our business and for yours.

Thanks for being a part of our journey.

Steve Kokinos
Steve Kokinos

As ThinkingPhones' founder and CEO, Steve is responsible for the strategic direction and management of the company. Under his leadership, the company is transforming the way enterprises view communications as a key driver of business visibility, process improvement, and results.

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