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Meeting From Anywhere Just Got Easier

September 26, 2014 by

Released this week, our new Fuze for Browser application makes your web-only meeting experience smoother than ever. Our latest iteration couples our refreshed look and feel with VoIP* and HTML5 (*VoIP is Chrome only).

The time has come: the days of searching for a phone to dial-in, juggling your conference line number and getting online to view content is over. You’re busy and need to meet fast. Using Chrome, Fuze web attendees can simply log-in and start using VoIP. Not on Chrome? You’ll still see our intuitive design and best-in-class quality content (HTML5 based). We’ve kicked Flash to the curb.

We believe you should be able to receive the critical aspects of meetings from anywhere and from any preferred experience: desktop, mobile phone, tablet or browser tab. We’re one step closer -- and will continue to enhance our Fuze for Browser application, expanding to more browsers and adding additional functionality.

We’re all in and are doubling down to deliver a consistent Fuze experience to all people and all meetings. You’ll still need our desktop or mobile applications to *host*, schedule meetings and use video -- but we’ll continue to burn the midnight oil to bring you our intuitive, user-experience driven Fuze - no matter how you log-in.

Ready to explore?

Download Fuze for your desktop, mobile phone or tablet (required for hosting and video). After you download, your participants will be able to decide: download Fuze for their devices -- or opt to join via VoIP & HTML5 enabled browser.




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