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Mobile Unified Communications Market Growing Fast

December 05, 2014 by

The mobile unified communications and collaboration market is rapidly expanding across the globe, with no end in sight.

A recent study from MarketsandMarkets found the global UC&C market will surpass $5 billion by the end of this year. It's poised to accelerate greatly, though, and will likely reach $17 billion by 2019. This represents a fairly astonishing compound annual growth rate of 27.5 percent during this period.

North America will see the greatest market growth during this period, followed by Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Mobile Unified Communications Benefits

As the report explained, this rate of growth is hardly a fluke. Businesses of all kinds are increasingly coming to realize that mobile UC solutions can enable "employees to be well connected and collaborated in intra-office communication and inter-office communication regardless of their location and to concurrently assist their clients for leveraging their business value." This leads directly to improved employee productivity.

As more employees in every market learn about the potential benefits of mobile UC and come to rely more heavily on their smartphones and tablets for work-related purposes, their expectations regarding the technology will continue to grow. Company leaders, aware of these trends, realize they need to deploy mobile UC solutions or risk frustrating their staff members.

Furthermore, firms that lack mobile UC may struggle to attract the most highly coveted candidates to new positions in the future. This is especially true considering that millennials, who are just now entering the workforce en masse, tend to have greater expectations when it comes to IT than their older counterparts. An organization that seems behind the times will seem like a less appealing career choice.

Maximizing Mobile

Clearly, mobile UC is evolving from an option resource to an absolute necessity for businesses in every industry. But that doesn't mean this will no longer be a market differentiator. Firms can stay ahead of their competitors by choosing and deploying the best, most effective mobile UC solution.

To this end, business decision-makers need to look for mobile UC platforms that are flexible, secure and integrated. The solution chosen should allow employees to use their office phone numbers via their smartphones, provide instant messaging options and offer around-the-clock access to key corporate assets. The more robust and customizable the platform, the greater the potential benefits for employees.

This makes cloud-based communications ideal for many companies' mobile UC needs. Such an approach can combine all of the best aspects of the cloud - scalability, affordability, security, ease of deployment - with the most desired components of a mobile UC system. A cloud-based mobile UC solution can be exactly what a company needs to stay ahead of its industry rivals in the coming years.

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