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Mockingjay: May the UC Be Ever in Your Favor

December 01, 2014 by

For Katniss Everdeen and the hardy inhabitants of District 13, rebelling against the Capitol is a tough task. It's a shame they didn't have a high-quality unified communications system at their disposal.

Are You There, Katniss?

Peeta Mellark is being interviewed  by Caesar Flickerman. He looks mostly healthy, but something is awry - he sounds and appears stiff and unnatural. Everything he says is pro-Capitol, anti-rebel, which naturally infuriates the citizens of District 13. Katniss, watching the interview on TV, has to assume he's being manipulated, maybe even tortured.

"If only there were some way to let him know I'm alive, that I'm here," says Katniss.

On the television, Caesar says, "Now Peeta, tell me why the rebels should lay down their weapons."

Then Katniss remembers - her UC presence solution! She launches the app and updates her status: "Alive, symbol of resistance."

"Hey, can you hold that thought?" says Peeta. He pulls out his phone and logs into his Hunger Games Victors UC network. He sees Katniss's presence status.

"You're alive? Disregard everything I've said!" Peeta yells.

The feed goes dead.

"Well, that saves us some time," says Plutarch.

The Capitol Network

Beetee Latier stares at his computer screen, frustrated. The rebels need to spread their pro-uprising message everywhere they can, but they've hit a snag.

"Any progress?" asks President Alma Coin as she enters the room.

Beetee shakes his head. "I can broadcast to the other districts, but not the Capitol. Its network is just too complex. If only I could find an opening."

"Have you tried applying our UC analytics solution to the Capitol network?" asks Gale.

Beetee quickly runs the analytics program, gaining instant, detailed insight. He immediately learns how many users are on the Capitol network, what kinds of tools they are using, where the traffic is going, and which applications the Capitol is running. Looking over that information, Beetee now sees an opening. Within minutes, District 13's propaganda video is streaming across every television in the Capitol.

"I love science," says Beetee.

A Strong Signal

An elite special forces team, including Gale, has been dispatched to rescue Peeta from the Capitol. Katniss and the others anxiously follow their transmissions from the control room.

"What is your status, team leader?" asks President Coin.

"We're in the facility. Conducting our search now," says Commander Boggs.

The search progresses. The facility is pitch-black, and the rebels have only limited intelligence. They don't know where Peeta and the other captives are, nor what kind of defenses they're up against. They proceed cautiously.

Suddenly, the signal cuts out.

"What's happening?" Katniss screams.

"We've lost contact," says Beetee. "Hang on a sec."

A moment later, the signal returns.

"It's okay," says Beetee. "We're using a cloud-based UC system. There's virtually no downtime, and immediate recovery."

"We've secured Peeta," says Gale. "We're returning to District 13 now."

This part of the story may not have the happiest of endings (spoiler alert), but at least there's a whole lot less stress, thanks to well-utilized UC.

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