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New Fuze for iPad

April 17, 2014 by

We’ve been hard at work the last several months designing a new, more flexible and easier-to-use meeting experience, now available for iPad. In a few weeks, we will deliver this user experience for Mac, followed by iOS, Windows, Android (phone and tablet), and an HTML5 browser application over the next few months.

For those new to Fuze, it combines HD voice and video communication and content collaboration. Unlike many existing tools, it is optimized around daily collaboration between team members, allowing remote workers and virtual teams to stay better connected face-to-face, while also sharing and collaborating on dynamic content like images, animated presentations and videos in real time with consistent quality. It is free to use with premium features available.

The value of video collaboration and meeting face to face is clear, but our tools often fall short causing wasted time and frustration for all. Our goal with the new Fuze is to change that by finally delivering a tool that is easy to use and just works!

Here are a few highlights of the new UX:

New look and feel - First, you’ll notice that we have rebranded FuzeBox to Fuze and completely redesigned our brand identity, which is reflected in the new user experience.

New Fuze for iPad

Simple navigation, improved video experience The elegant new UI adapts dynamically to your conversation. For example, when you start a video call, video tiles take center stage. Hovering over a tile reveals direct controls for each participant, including mute, chat, promote to presenter, etc. Non-video participants are represented by avatars and users can easily change the size and position of each tile.

We’ve also simplified and better organized all the personal controls. You’ll notice all media settings are on the lower left (mute mic, adjust speaker, camera on/off, settings for selecting audio/video devices, etc.) and in-meeting communication settings are on the lower right (add participant, promote participants to presenter, chat, record meeting).

Fuze iPad Meeting

Join with confidence via “Green Room” The traditional process for joining remote meetings can be both stressful and disruptive to other participants. Users are very excited about our new “Green Room” feature that allows you to quickly confirm and adjust settings prior to joining a conference. You can check your camera, test and mute microphone, and confirm voice settings (VoIP or phone). Clicking the gear icon brings up settings for connected audio/video devices.

Fuze iPad Greenroom

Adaptive experience, integrated content collaboration When content is shared, the user experience dynamically adjusts. You can expand content to cover the full screen with one touch. The video tiles move to the top, optimized for camera placement and gaze correction. You can customize the appearance of the video tiles and the video panel can be undocked for multiple monitor layouts. When you stop sharing content, the layout refocuses to video tiles.

Fuze for iPad  Content Video Chat Heads

Enhanced content sharing and collaboration capabilities Clicking on the bottom center screen icon brings up the content tray where you can easily share content from static images, presentations to full-motion video. Fuze now supports full fidelity for Microsoft Office documents, including full animation support for PowerPoint presentations. Our new content platform is fully HTML-based making it much better suited to support a myriad of new content experiences and formats in the near future.

Fuze for iPad Widescreen with meeting content

Integrated chat and group chat The chat functionality has been improved and is now better integrated within the UI. You can easily chat to individual participants or groups. Chats are tabbed and color coded for easy reference. Chats can be launched directly from a user’s video tile or from the chat icon on the bottom right.

Fuze for iPad Content Chat Heads

Streamlined screen sharing Fuze is enhanced its screen sharing with a new presenter window that allows presenters to stay engaged with video participants and know which screen is being shared at all times. Soon, Fuze will introduce a new H.264-based screen sharing engine (coming soon) with even higher quality and frame rate at lower bandwidth.

Fuze Screen Sharing

Instant meetings Often you just want to start an instant conversation. With the new Fuze we want to make that experience fast and easy. Audio and video start right away and you can invite people by searching in our integrated corporate and/or personal address book. You can even use the address book to add a room system to the meeting with a single click.

Fuze for iPad invite list

Experience Fuze for yourself today at and let us know what you think in the comments below or on Twitter at @fuze. Happy Fuzing :)

*Connecting legacy video conferencing and telepresence systems requires Fuze Telepresence Connect Service

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