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New Fuze iPhone App has arrived

June 19, 2014 by

More and more our work is moving with us. Gone are the days of having an office to contain all your projects and conversations. Today we are taking work on the road, home, the playground and even out to dinner dates.

The promise of this ‘new world of work’ has been to unshackle us from traditional office buildings. However, to truly realize the “work anywhere” dream, we need tools beyond phone and email: the applications we need most to do work in the office, need to come along for the ride.

This means an enterprise mobile application needs to be as good as the one you use at your desk.

This week we released the new Fuze for iPhone with expanded capability to match your on-the-go needs. The new Fuze for iPhone empowers you to work anywhere by:


New Fuze For iPhone

1. See all your meetings and start any meeting on the go. Literally. You can be on a bike and initiate a conference call with one tap. Forget trying to memorize conference call dial-ins and scrambling for access codes, just tap and you’re in. It’s that simple.

2. Invite people, add content and share video - and see it all live on your screen. Our new UI accommodates all of your colleagues and shared presentations - ensuring you always see your boss’ reaction to your latest idea. If your surroundings are too loud to unmute yourself, you can shoot a quick chat message to any meeting participant or the group at large - guaranteeing your contributions are heard. Get productive from wherever your iphone takes you.

3. Finally, we’ve ensured as-if-you-were-next-to-me type audio quality via VOIP or dial-in. Seamlessly connect with your colleagues and customers. No cut-outs or white noise.The quality is so high you can use it while driving to work, riding public transport or jogging and you will hear everyone as if they were right there with you. Freedom, there it is. Take back control of your workday.


Our users had consistently asked, “How can we do MORE on the go?”

You asked, and we delivered.

Download or upgrade the Fuze iPhone app here to truly take your work anywhere...

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