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New Fuze Marketing Campaign Puts the YOU in Unified Communications

March 07, 2016 by Valerie Meffert

Platform empowers today’s modern, mobile workforce by putting technology leaders and end users at the epicenter of communication.

Fuze (formerly ThinkingPhones), the leader in global voice, video, and collaboration, today unveiled “YOUnified,” the largest marketing campaign in the company’s ten-year history. Fuze’s new branding platform speaks directly to CIOs and end users, supported by three primary value drivers: simplicity, productivity, and security.

YOUnified highlights Fuze’s approach to helping businesses reduce complexity, increase productivity, and enable secure, always-on communication across the enterprise. Whether using a mobile phone, desk phone, tablet, or laptop, Fuze ensures that YOU are unified by connecting all devices on a single platform. The result is more security and peace of mind for technology executives, enhanced collaboration for knowledge workers, and a truly consumer look and feel.

“Over the past decade, our focus has increasingly shifted to you,” said Steve Kokinos, CEO and cofounder, Fuze. “The power of you is behind the way we act, think, and feel. We are creating an environment where seamless communication, collaboration, and creativity are no longer the province of a chosen few, but of everyone. When voice, text, data, and video are fuzed on a single platform, great things can happen.”

As Fuze delivers a seamless communication experience across its global, unified platform, it needed a simplified way to explain its value as a device-agnostic solution. YOUnified is an expression of the brand promise to build a truly collaborative communication and analytics engine with the end user at the epicenter. With that promise, Fuze challenges today’s organization to answer the simple question: how are your employees collaborating and being productive?

“As we undertook the process of planning this campaign, human-centricity was noticeably absent from today’s UC market positioning, and that didn’t seem right,” said Brian Kardon, CMO, Fuze. “It quickly became clear that it was time for a change. Simply stated, our new campaign highlights the YOU in unified communications, and it’s very much reflected in the way people engage with our product. It’s about how organizations, employees, partners, and customers communicate and collaborate at work.”

The campaign stems from the Company’s recent rebrand, announced last month to reflect changing user preferences and enhanced integration between Fuze's voice, conferencing, and collaboration solutions.

To develop the campaign, the Company conducted extensive market research, including a competitive audit and interviews with customers and executives. It was then tested with a diverse range of customers and prospects. Fuze’s creative team worked with top San Francisco-based marketing agency Big Minnow to conceptualize and execute an initiative spanning social, digital, outdoor, direct mail, and print.

“Both today’s CIO and end user want the same simplification they’ve come to expect with their personal technology decisions. With YOUnified, we’re truly redefining the UCaaS category by introducing the spirit of consumer apps to a business application,” said Derek Yoo, CTO and co-founder, Fuze. “Consistent, consumer-like experiences are what matter most, backed by the promise of an easy-to-use, global platform that can increase performance, add intelligent insights, reduce operational risk, and create greater flexibility to work whenever, wherever, and however.”

In 2015, Fuze grew revenue by more than 100 percent, adding more than 175 new customers and expanding existing customer relationships. In January 2016, Fuze was positioned by Gartner, Inc. as a Visionary in the Magic Quadrant for Web Conferencing. On the heels of one of the largest funding rounds in Boston history, Fuze’s new campaign complements the capital infusion’s focus on growth and innovation.

“We can achieve greater productivity and inspire creativity by reimagining connectivity and collaboration, transforming business communication as we know it into a living, thinking part of a business’s overall strategy, designed around the user,” continued Kardon. “This belief is the foundation of our story.”

To learn more about YOUnified, visit https://blog.fuze.com/putting-the-you-in-younified-communications/.

Valerie Meffert
Valerie Meffert

Having written for companies ranging from MTV and CBS to the Winter Olympic Games and Reuters, Valerie heads up ThinkingPhones' communications and PR machine. At the risk of dating herself, she'd like to point out that her MTV tenure occurred during the Carson Daly era—she takes no credit (nor blame) for "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila." A resident of Park City, UT, Valerie enjoys the four things her town is most famous for: hiking, skiing, film festivals, and weak beer.

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