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Breaking news: Thinking Phone Networks is now thinkingphones!

October 08, 2014 by

Ever since we launched in 2006, the majority of our customers and employees have affectionately referred to our company as "Thinking Phones." In response, we've decided to give people what they want and have officially changed our brand name.

Just call us thinkingphones!

We have also completely changed the image of the company to not only reflect our growing product line, but the transformational shift we see driven by the rapid adoption of mobile technology. Our workforce and customers are as likely to communicate through text, images, and video as they are through voice alone. We believe that this transformation facilitates a new way of thinking about how you and your customers connect. This new future will be completely mobile and dynamic based on the context and location of each interaction.

Our commitment will always be guided by providing our customers with excellent voice, video, text, and collaboration services from any device via the cloud, but our true passion is keeping you ahead of the shifting technology landscape and providing you with a communication offer that takes full advantage of cloud and mobile. Our service is deeply integrated with all of your other enterprise applications and can trigger and automated your business workflows, provide you with a full set of analytics, and dynamically react to how your business operates—all while delivering the compelling mobile experience that your staff demands.

Thank you for being part of the thinkingphones family. I look forward to many more years of working together.

Best regards,

Steve Kokinos

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