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One Hundred Alaskans traverse The Last Frontier with Fuze

March 20, 2013 by

Here's a wonderful customer story from The Last Frontier. It illustrates the importance of all-device support, and cloud-based content sharing when adverse conditions catch a meeting host by surprise. A sincere thank you to our Alaskan Fuzers in Kodiak, Juneau, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Ketchikan and Sitka. And a nod to our Fuze-for-iPad product team.

"I just thought I would relay something to you that you might appreciate. Last night I was hosting a Fuze meeting in Alaska, tying together various youth groups from around the state. We had one group signing in from Juneau, another from Kodiak, a third from Fairbanks, a fourth from Ketchikan, and a smaller group from Sitka. We also had some individuals dialing in as well, with a planned meeting audience of more than 100 people in group sizes between 5 and 50. When I showed up in Anchorage at the big meeting place, where I had approximately 50 people in attendance I ran into a huge problem. The wi-fi at the hospital meeting room where we were hosting the Anchorage group had a firewall, and it would not let the Fuze application connect! I was in a panic...I mean, this wasn't a Fuze problem; it was a network problem. And, as luck would have it, there was nobody in the building with the IT experience to fix it and we had not been provided any other passwords except to the public wifi net. The public wifi access in the room had always worked before, but they had "upgraded their system" and somehow they changed something and I was hosed. With less than 5 minutes to go, and groups dialing in from all over the state, I tried something that I didn't think would work at all. My laptop was useless. So, I then grabbed my iPad, and got the same warnings about the firewall when I tried to use it. Then, with nothing to lose, I turned off the wifi on my iPad, and let it connect to the web via the 3G capability of the device.

I went to my iPad Fuze application, and signed in...and it WORKED! My signal meter wasn't in the green, (in the yellow instead) and it dropped into the red when suddenly everyone started signing in and turning on their webcams. I dropped the video conference, except for me (host) and using just my iPad I was able to make it all work perfectly then. Everyone could see us in Anchorage, and could join the meeting, see the content, and hear the speaker. I had preloaded all of the meeting content, and what surprised me, was even though I only had a 3G connection, I was able to pay hi-rez video (I had 5 videos to show) seemlessly to all groups simultaneously. I had no idea what would happen or how you guys make it work, but I tried the first video and it played! And it played everywhere else too. Wow! I was able to conduct the entire meeting on just a second generation iPad tied to the web on a 3G cellular connection. Who would have thought?

Thanks for an incredible piece of software you guys make!"


J.C. Dee March 20, 2013

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